How to get him to leave his wife for me

How to get him to leave his wife for me. Being with a married man is one of the most uncertain things that can happen to any woman regardless of age or status. You can never be sure whether he is serious about leaving his wife for you, or even whether he actually loves you like he says or he is only using you for his own enjoyment. 

You can’t even know whether he is with you just because he has not yet been found out, whether it is because he cannot bear to be apart from you. If you let nature take its course, you will be an old woman before he even thinks of leaving his wife for you. 

That is if he ever thinks of it on his own prompting. You have to know that nothing ever comes easy and fate only favours the prepared. If you really want this man to leave his wife for you, then you not only have to prepare for it, you also need to take steps to make it happen. 

I’m not talking about harassing the wife thinking that this will scare her out of the marriage, No! I’m talking about working on your relationship so well that your guy has no option than to choose to be with you by leaving his wife and settling with you.


Get him to leave his wife for me

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You have to let him know your expectations

It does not make sense for you to do so much to make a man leave his wife for you when the said man is not even aware of what you expect him to do. In fact, he might be thinking you are with him just to have fun and that you have no serious ambitions apart from that.

You need to make sure that your man not only understands what you need him to do but also appreciates why you want him to leave his wife for you. This is something that you need to communicate at the beginning of your relationship so that there are no misunderstandings between the two of you. 

Let him know that you are hooking up with him even though he is married with the clear hope that he will soon leave his wife for you. 

You have to show this man that you will not settle for anything less in case he is tempted not to take you seriously. In fact, you need to follow up your words with some actions. 

Give your man a clear timeline, an ultimatum of sorts, within which he should sort out his marriage and find a way to be with you. This is something I cannot emphasize enough because you should be ready to walk away if he refuses to cooperate. 

Many women find themselves in this situation and if you compromise, even a little, on this one point, say goodbye to him ever letting go of his wife, which he should have done even without being prompted if he was really serious about you. 

You have to take a firm stand or forfeit him

Of course, like so many other women, you have the option of being weak, giving in to this man’s continuous lame excuses because you are scared of losing him, not knowing that he is not yet yours at this time and that if you need him to completely belong to you, you have to take a firm stand or forfeit him. 

I do not know much about you but I assume you wouldn’t want to give this man the right to walk over you for the rest of your relationship. The only way out is by taking command of the relationship. 

You are already disadvantaged because he is married while you are not, he has someone else while you only have him- the two cannot compare. But you can salvage some leverage by taking a stand and making sure that if it is the marriage you want, he should give it to you. 

Do not be distracted by so many other things. In short, do not get used to asking him for so many things, that the issue of him leaving his wife gets shelved among the so many shopping bags. 

Woman, it’s either the ring or the credit cards, take your pick! If he is splashing so much money on you, regardless of what he says, he’s only buying you, and that’s just because he can, and also to boost his ego, and not because he loves you. You have to know where to draw the line.

If you cannot demand even the basics that you need from him because you feel guilty to after all the money he’s spending on you, then get ready to always be second or third or even fourth best because that’s where you’ll be for the rest of the relationship.

Make sure he is happy being with you 

If your man is not used to cheating on his wife and is with you because he fell in love with you, he should be racked with guilt over his actions. He should not be someone who is comfortable cheating because you also wouldn’t want such a man since he will definitely also cheat on you. 

The guilt should be part of your relationship, but do not let it rule over you. This man is with you because you are giving him something his wife is not providing him with. That means his happiness is your mission. That’s a good one there. Make sure your man is happy and you will be assured of being with him for a long time. 

Remember, he might be stressed at home because of so many responsibilities that call his attention. Do not be an energy sucker when you are with him. In short, be needy, but not too needy to put him off. He needs all the positive energy he can get, and that is your role now. Take him out to have fun, once in a while, take the initiative and surprise him. Men love surprises, especially good ones!

Keeping an adult person happy is an uphill task, but you have the upper hand here. The fact that he sought you out even when he has already married means that he needs you in ways that his wife has failed to cover. 

It is your turn to show him that he did not waste a gamble on you and that he does not need to look further since he has met you. Get to know him inside out, and you will know what makes him happy, and what repulses him. Be fun to be with, and be funny too. 

Keep him smiling

If you are not a natural comedian, at least you should know what ticks off your man and you should easily be able to get a good dose of laughter out of him. The more carefree, the more he can afford to forget his problems when he is with you, and the more he will not want to let go of you easily, and even the more he will want to return your love. 

However, remember that your married man has a mind of his own, and before you do anything, you must first attempt to read his mind. 

Find out his motivations and why he is with you in the first place because this will either make your work easier or impossible. If he is with you for love, then your ticket will be love. 

If he is with you for fun only, you have to dig deeper and find out whether he will eventually get to love you or whether it is just a lost cause. 

Do not forget that you are doing this for your own happiness and not solely for his happiness. If at any one time you realize that he is not going to make you happy, it is never too late to turn around and look for your own happiness. 

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