Signs that a married man is using you(Facts)

Signs that a married man is using you. Some married men are habitual expert cheaters. This kind of man is lethal and dangerous to the well being of a woman. It’s a shame because it’s not all women who are home wreckers by choice.

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The women who cheat with these adulterous married men end up being blamed for something they’re not at fault for. These men, who do not value their marriage commitment, unfortunately, happen to be experts in wooing these women who end up falling in love with them.

They tend to create more chaos, direct& indirect abuse, and heartbreak to both their wives and mistress. Most of the time they want empathy and sympathy from the target they wish to devour.

Usually, they go for a single woman who has low self-esteem and tends to have a nurturing generous personality so that they can have full access and control over her. They will first gain the complete trust of you.

Soon after, they break the trust by making empty promises to you and never have intentions to fulfill them. This usually makes the women involved feel betrayed and unloved by the man they hold dear.

Below we shall pin down the signs for you to grasp in knowing if a married man or your married man is using you.


Signs that a married man is using you

He will never have conversations about what the future

People who are serious about each other and in love talk about their dreams. They talk about aspirations and possibly being together. If a married man can cheat on his wife with you and you have this picture in the back of mind that he loves you, it’s a big fat lie.

Men cheat because they can. The workings and runnings of the universe have allowed them to get away with it. No matter how sinful and taboo it maybe it still exists. The only conversations you will ever have are that of sex and having fun with him.

Most of the time, what he says will not be truthful no matter how sweet his tongue maybe. He will only tell you what he needs you to hear so that he can get what he wants from you.

A married man only or partially tells his confidant who is his wife everything that is of importance. You would be surprised at times when you find out that he might have told his wife about you.

Married men have mistresses because they just can. They are not responsible for their actions except that of which it concerns his personal interests and gain.

You’re always kept away from the public eye (family and friends)

A married who cheats on his wife with you will try “extremely hard” to hide you and keep you away far away from the public eye. He will never introduce you to anyone who is close to him and also he will never want to meet your friends and family too.

Everything you will do together is going to be in private. The trips you are going to have are going to be far away from anyone that might see him with you. He, being the conductor and illustrator of the relationship he will always be the one facilitating the dates, trips, and meetings.

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He will end up questioning you and the people close to you

There is going to be a discard of things you love doing for yourself just to make him happy. He will end up telling how the friends and family you’ve known all this time are not good for you and the relationship.

The main goal is to gain your full control without having anyone to influence his decision upon you. Friends are usually the first people you isolate because there will come a point where he will not appreciate you talking to them.

You will end up resenting your friends because they will talk ill of him to you. Every time someone says something you don’t like about him, you defend him and his actions. It’s as if you’re always waiting on him to tell you what to do.

Your life ends up revolving around him and what he does. Without him telling you what to do you will never get anything for yourself done. He’s using you when he pretends to have your best interest at heart. Mostly when he chooses to alienate you from the ones you love the most.

He only calls when he wants something from you

A married man will only call you when it suites him. He will probably call you only when he wants to sleep with you. He’s using you when it’s always about him and his own personal self-interest.

He will never treat you the same way he treats his wife. You will always go far and beyond just to make sure he is happy and content. Your efforts will yield to nothing that is fruitful because you’re not his number one priority. After getting what he wants from you he will leave only to reappear and disappear again n in your life.

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Feeling unsure about the status of your relationship

A married man is using you when he fails to disclose or define the status of your relationship. When you find yourself always assuming whether both of you are in an exclusive committed relationship.

Just because you get to experience his kind gestures, he is definitely using you. Assuming doesn’t give a definite answer, it does not promise a future. Defining a relationship helps you know where you stand and what is your role in the relationship.

Your gut feeling and instinct will always be on guard because you’ll be unsettled within the relationship. Peace of mind is something that you’d lack the most. You will have many questions about him and the relationship but have no answers to those questions.

He will always want to be catered for without returning back the favor

He will always want to benefit from you. Usually what men want from a woman is money and sex. A married man especially would seek someone to boost his ego. He looks for someone to dominate and control her as his subject.

You as the woman will always go the extra mile just to please him, even in matters of the bedroom. He will always want to be satisfied. His needs and wants come first in your relationship above yours.

He will never go out of his way to please you unless there is something in it for him. There are no favors that he’ll be reciprocating to you as his “woman.” Don’t ever think he will bother to compromise with you.

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Bottom line

There are many signs that a married man is using you. Whether he’s married or not married all men have more or less the same reasons as to why they would use women. It’s all about self-gain, self-interest, and self-preservation.

He is only looking out for his best interests at the expense of others who potentially end up being victims. Be wise and see the warning signs sooner rather than later.

Thinking of a happily ever after with a married man is close to impossible. The relationship is bound to be about what one can benefit from the other person.

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