Tired of waiting for him to leave his wife

Tired of waiting for him to leave his wife. It is hard being with a married man. He has made so many promises to you and yet he has not yet fulfilled any. It is always one excuse after another. For so long, he promised that he would leave his wife for you, but it is never the right time. 

He is also afraid of hurting her and he says he must do it slowly and sensitively, for the sake of the time they have been together. Again you may be being used by him or he is lying about leaving her for you. 

At first, you believed him and you gave him time, but recently, your patience is wearing thin. You are tired of waiting for him to leave his wife. What’s more, you feel like you can’t just do nothing. 

There must be something you can do to make him leave his wife fast, right?


How can i get him to leave her

Sure. There are tons of things you can do in an effort to make his wife leave. However, you have to be careful that whatever you do will not backfire on you. Follow my guidelines below and you may just succeed in making him leave his wife for you.

Be clear about your expectations

Are you being really heard in this relationship? Does your man actually know you need him to leave his wife fast? If your words are not convincing enough to him, follow them up with some actions! Do not let there be any miscommunications between the two of you. 

Be clear that you expect him to leave his wife for you soon and give him a timeline. Let there be no more excuses. Do not waver, and do not be lured by his false promises. 

You have heard them before, and by now, you should know better. Promise to handle whatever challenges come up with him, and to support him through the breakup. He might be racked with guilt and wondering how he will handle the breakup. 

It is not an easy process but he must grit his teeth and get it done. Make it easy for him. Offer helpful advice or get friends who have been through a similar experience to guide him along the journey.

Focus on yourself

You have been busy trying to be the perfect woman for this man for so long that you have nearly forgotten yourself. You are so focused on the man and his wife and the relationship that doesn’t seem to be progressing, that you are losing yourself.

Sober up! This man will not want you if you cannot remain the person he was attracted to in the first place or even a better person. Take time off for yourself and just have fun alone or with some trusted friends. 

Pursue your career and develop your hobbies; if you like traveling, don’t wait for him to make time for you, go alone. Go to games, go shopping, and generally, show him that you can have a life and interests away from him. Keep your friends close, and do not be shy about having a few male friends.

He will try to separate you from them, but let him know that if he is not leaving his wife, you will also not leave your friends. If he sees the options that you have and is insecure about your status, he will be forced to leave his wife sooner so that he can be with you.

Do not forget to keep yourself beautiful and glowing! All this stress and worrying will tire you out but you do not want to look haggard and unkempt. Regularly schedule relaxing beauty treatments like spas or go for yoga or sports activities if that is what calms you.

You need to not only keep looking good to your man to keep his interest, but you also need to continuously take care of yourself and to get rid of the stress to avoid falling sick. 

Do not confront his wife

I know you are tired of waiting for the man to leave his wife, and you might think the best way to make him do it fast is to confront his wife, but it will not work. It is likely that he might not have told her about you, or he is still looking for the courage to tell her gently. 

If you are the one to tell her, not only will it hurt her needlessly, but it will make him resent you for crossing the line, and might lead to him breaking up with you. If you respect him, give him the space to handle his wife himself. Let him resolve his family situation on his own so that he comes to you a free person. 

Respect his wife because she is the innocent party in the relationship, and she is where you want to be. If you are nasty to her, when you finally take on her position, the same could happen to you so, be more understanding.

Tired of waiting for him to leave his wife

If you completely can’t wait any longer, can’t listen to his excuses and lies any more then take the matters in your hands. Make him leave his wife for you or make her leave him for you. How do you do that? Well, the solution is easy and is beneath you in these links below. 

Anything from those links above won’t make him wait any longer to leave his wife for you. Those remedies will make him and everything moves fast. He will leave his wife for you in no time and be yours alone as you wish.

Again with those remedies above, you will fully win him without going through any of the steps mentioned here. I say there nothing wrong with making the man you love to leave his wife for you. Woman, do what makes you happy. Your life is all about you and you only leave it once. 

Tired Of Waiting For Him To Leave Her For You, Then Make Him Leave Her For You Now

Get your boyfriend to leave his wife for you. Make him leave her for you now regardless of what. Save him from his unhappy marriage or relationship.

Be sensitive about any children

If your man and his wife have children together, do not come between the man and his children. Rather, be more interested and loving towards them so that he is assured that they will not be badly affected by a divorce.

Most people stay married because of children, and because they want to give them stability in life. If you are not connecting with his children, he might hesitate to leave his wife for their sake. Even if you have not yet met his children, if he is a father, show him that you love children and are comfortable raising them. 

This will comfort him and give him the courage to leave his wife even when they have children together. 

If he has no children but is interested in being a father, you can fall pregnant and then make him leave his wife to provide a home for your unborn child. However, be careful about falling pregnant without his consent as he might just resent you. Also, do not use your child as a bargaining chip. Let it all be about you and your love first.

Love your man but be decisive

Let us be clear. The reason you want your man to leave his wife for you is that you love him, he loves you, and you want to be happy together, right? Then, if you want to make him leave his wife fast, the best thing you can do is to love him right. 

He has been unhappy with his wife, and that is most probably why he cheated on her with you. Now that you have professed your love for each other, the best thing you can do is to make him happy and give him peace of mind. Be his safe refuge, the one he always comes to for rest and for fun. 

Occupy his time and his mind. Keep him busy involved in your affairs or just hanging out with you, and let him think of you all the time. Be there for him, at the same time; remember that you also deserve love. 

Do not let your affair be one-sided. Do not give all of yourself to him at this time. Let him have something to work for and assure him you will be wholly his when he has left his wife and gotten together with you. 

Be decisive. 

Do not keep going back on your conditions because of his excuses. If you gave him a timeline and he is not adhering to it, do something to shake him. It could be cutting off communication for a while or rejecting physical contact.

 If he realizes that you are serious and are not going to put up with his excuses any longer, then he will have to take action to leave his wife to avoid losing you.

A final word about you being tired of waiting for him to leave his wife.

When you feel you have done everything you can to get him to leave his wife but he is still hesitating, do not stress yourself. Contact papa Miko he has more of what you need to get him to leave her for you. After all, a relationship is about two people who are in love.

 If he is not willing to do his part, as a grown man, there is a lot you can do to force him. He could still be lying to you, or he could be worried about his image or his children. Either way, it is all in your hands. Since you’re tired of waiting for him to leave his wife, why not take matters in your hands?

The best gift to yourself is to live your life either way and always leave a gap for your possible exit. For the sake of your happiness, if he is not making any moves to leave his wife even after you’ve done all the above, consider contacting Papa miko for more help.

Tired Of Waiting For Him To Leave Her For You, Then Make Him Leave Her For You Now

Get your boyfriend to leave his wife for you. Make him leave her for you now regardless of what. Save him from his unhappy marriage or relationship.