How can you tell if a man is really going to leave his wife for you?

How can you tell if a man is really going to leave his wife for you? Sometimes, it seems like the good ones are already taken, right? Not really though. Some taken ones can be untaken too! And this is not about giving false hope, it is reality! I am sure you have experienced it yourself since you dating a married man.

Well, you have met your heartbeat, the one who ticks practically all the boxes on your list. The chemistry is explosive and the butterflies in your stomach go crazy whenever he is near. That is not all! He is also totally into you. 

He assures you that you are the only thing worth living for, and goes ahead to act it too. IF I may say, he keeps you smiling and totally makes you the happiest woman in this world. Your married boyfriend has completely changed your life; he is your perfect Prince Charming. You can’t wait to get married to him.


So where is the catch with him?

The mainline is He is already married and taken!

That may be and may not be a problem. All your leaning on is his words. “His marriage collapsed a long time ago and is only on paper and not in reality”. I don’t know how you can prove that. Since he still goes back home to her and they lock themself in their bedroom. You may say that his loneliness is obvious, he has not been intimate with his wife in decades and they are barely on speaking terms. But that does not prove it all.

He promises that he is going to get a divorce as soon as he can and marry you properly. You just have to believe him and wait. Or he may have not given you any reason to doubt him. 

You are still antsy. You have heard too many stories about being the other woman and everything that goes with that. Woman, you must be asking yourself these questions

  • Does he genuinely love you? 
  • Is looking for temporary relief from his marriage before going back to his wife? 
  • Will he really leave his wife for you? 
  • How can you tell that he means what he says and will divorce his wife and marry you? What are the sure signs a married man will leave his wife for you, whether in the present or in the near future?

As any woman who is searching for answers that may not seem apparent, you have come to the right place. My first words to you are by taking particular note of his actions and his words. That way it is easy to tell whether a man is genuine about his feelings and promises. Again you can tell whether he is just taking you for a ride. Let me give you two clear signs. How can you tell if a man is really going to leave his wife for you?

#1 You are the number 1 priority in is life.

A man will not make a big decision to leaving his wife for someone he does not cherish. He not only has to cherish and care for you, but he also has to prove that you are the most important person in his life. At least you must be better than his wife and also he must see you as a marriage material woman. It is easy to know when you are the first priority in someone’s life. They will know all about you, your favorite foods, clothes, your mannerisms; they will even call you often, just to check on you and they will show they care by all means. As a sign that not only are you the first priority in life and that he is ready to leave his wife for you, a man will:

  • Be at your beck and call any time, even at night. When you need him, he will be present regardless of the challenges he might face. He responds to your calls and messages and is always looking out for you. He will always spend his free time with you. This means he is already changing his life to accommodate you.
  • Share his dreams and future plans with you. A man who is planning to spend the rest of his life with you will involve you in his future plans. He will ask for your input before making decisions and he will cherish your opinions. He will also start planning for you financially and will adjust his life to accommodate you. If he is doing all that for you, then it shows that he trusts you with his future and is therefore ready to leave his wife for you.

#2 He goes public about your Relationship 

A man may show you all the love and care in the world, but if he is ready to take your relationship to the next level, he should also be ready for that relationship to be recognized by the public. A man in love wants to shout to the whole world about his feelings. Despite his marriage, if a man shows you off in public, holds your hand, kiss you in the public and is not shy to tell his family, friends, and colleagues that the two of you are dating, that is a sign that he is ready to leave his wife for you. It also shows that his marriage is in essence over and he is ready to make you replace his wife.

Furthermore, if a married man is serious about leaving his wife and developing your relationship, then he will not wear his wedding ring in public anymore and he surely will not wear it while he is with you. The wedding ring is usually seen as a symbol of a couple’s commitment to each other. For a man not to wear his ring in public, he is telling the whole world that the commitment with his wife does not exist any longer, and therefore he is ready to move on with you. It is also a sign that he is already mentally prepared to be single again.

What can you do if he doesn’t want to leave his wife for you?

I hope you getting what you came for here and it will be great if it’s helping. But let also talk about the situation where you want him to leave his wife and he doesn’t want to. So what can you do? The answer to that situation needs another full article or elaborate. Let me leave the links below to those articles that will make him leave his wife or her for you. Read through them you never know they might be all you need to make him yours alone forever. 

Any of the above links will strongly help you to make him leave his wife for you.

Bottom line- How can you tell if a man is really going to leave his wife for you?

There are many other signs that can show you that a man is committed to leaving his wife for you. Most of them largely depends on his character as a person. You are the best-placed person to tell whether he is serious about divorcing his wife or not. Follow your instincts if they tell you he is genuine even if the above signs are not clearly evident. After all, love is a matter of the heart and not the head.