Major signs that he is going to leave his wife for you

Signs that he is going to leave his wife for you. Marriage does not guarantee that you will live happily ever after with your partner. Although he might have asked for your hand in marriage, that does not mean he will not ask another to marry him.

If a person is not happy within their marriage it does not mean he’s willing to stay and fix the problem. At times the breaking down of the marriage can be the fault of the wife instead of the husband or both.

Some problems are known to be solvable and some other problems fail to be solved. 

Everyone yearns to have a significant other to spend the rest of their lives with. It’s a shame when you’re already in the marriage.

Only to find out that the wife chosen to marry is not the woman he thought he wants to spend the rest of his life with. Once the man gets to experience another woman.

Who gives him new meaning in life, there is a high possibility that he will leave his wife for you. All he will need is to open himself emotionally, mentally, and physically to the other woman.


He make you a priority

He will leave his wife for you because he puts you as his main priority rather than her. There will not be too much effort for you to do in making him leave her.

He will voluntarily and willingly leave her because it’s a decision that he already took upon himself to do.

There isn’t a direct formula for love or to be with the one you want to be with. Relationships fail but so do marriages fail too. It’s upon the individual to know what he wants for himself and his happiness.

Below the above-mentioned summary, we shall illustrate and demonstrate. Signs that he is going to leave his wife for you seeing how he will leave his wife for you.

He will have a lack of interest and investment in his marriage

Marriage is a union of two people. Everything that has to do with the failure and success of the marriage points back to the two partners.

The wife and the husband have to put in equal effort in making the marriage work. If it happens that the husband is fed up in his marriage he will display his lack of interest and lack of investment in the marriage.

The lack of interest and investment means that the husband will not take part in the planning of continuing the marriage.

This means he will invest less if not none of his emotional, mental, and even physical capacity in the marriage. Such “lack “can make a marriage collapse without much strain or effor.

It can also make the wife leave or throw-in the towel because there’s not much to save anymore.

He is not interested in being physically intimate with you

We all know that having a good and healthy sex life is important to persons living. When you’re married or when you’re in a committed relationship sex is very important.

Not only is it important for the reproduction process but it’s also good to mend and fix what the “problem” might be.

Physical intimacy can be both seen as an accessory and a necessity in a marriage. Without a good healthy sex life within the marriage, it’s bound not to last.

Physical chemistry and intimacy keep and enhances long-term relationships. It’s said that the more it happiness between the two spouses the more they feel better and happier.

It’s known that men enjoy indulging in physical intimacy and it becomes a problem when there’s no more spark. If the husband finds himself being less interested in touch and bond with his wife then there’s a possibility that there’s a huge problem in the marriage.

He will definitely leave his wife for you because by then he will be more physically committed to you than his own wife. 

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He will be more open in communication with you than his wife

If he is planning to leave his wife for you, he will find it easier to communicate with you than his wife. By being open means that he will be emotionally opening himself to you and closing himself up when it comes to the wife.

He will not communicate the language of romance to his wife like he used to.

All the future plans including those that he thought he would communicate to his wife, will be discussed with you. He will share his secrets with you.

He will surely alienate his wife and treat you like his personal confidant. The more he opens up to you the more he grows comfortable thus wanting him to be permanently in your presence.

He is not scared of being seen with you in public

He will not hide you from the public eye. There will not be a moment where he feels the need to keep you as a secret from his wife including family members at large. As he is open in his communication and so shall he be exclusive with you in the open. He will not be scared to show affection for you when there are people that might tell his wife.

In some instances husbands who want completely out even have the audacity to inform their wives of the new development in their lives.

Your happiness will come first because he will want to assure you that indeed he will leave her for you. By being with you in public validates what he wants to do for you and that what he says is true.

A married man will not risk being seen with you, his side chick if he had no future plans to leave his wife for you.

He will start moving some of his personal belongings to your house

A married man who is leaving his wife for another will make sure that some of his belongings are at your place. These little personal things can be his toothbrush and clothes even at times he will bring his office work to your place.

This will be an indication that his moving in and wants to be with you and not his wife. Slowly but surely the wife will notice that her husband is surely moving on with you. The situation will be vice versa.

He as well will keep some of your personal belongings either on him or with him. When you love someone it’s only natural to have something of theirs with you.

When he spends more than one night with you

If your boyfriend no longer wants to go back home to his wife and family but wants to stay and sleepover at your place, then know that he is leaving his wife for you.

He has completely lost interest in his loveless marriage and only finds happiness when he is with you. Spending more than one night. It is a sign that he no longer cares about his wife but cares about building a relationship with you. When a heart loves nothing can stand in its way.  

Will he ever leave his wife for me?

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Conclusion-signs that he is going to leave his wife for you

Everyone is entitled to leave whom so ever they are ”engaged” with if and when they are not happy. If that person has found someone who makes them happy then there’s nothing wrong with wanting to claim the one that has your heart. Belive it or not but those are the major signs that he is going to leave his wife for you.

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