How to know when a married man is in love with you 6 signs

How to know when a married man is in love with you? Before acquiring an I.D name, a “married man” is still just “a man” by the end of the day. He might have thought he has found his “broken rib”, “soul mate” and the one he thought he can’t live without. Nonetheless, he finds himself one miraculous day madly in love with someone else and not his wife. Such drastic emotional changes can change the whole situation of his marital status.

His status can change into a single, separated, polygamist, or remain married. There is so much sharing of personal things when people are in love. The capacity to share goes beyond the ordinary sharing of any other kind of relationship. It’s more like having a spiritual connection that cannot easily be broken. Even if his wife is entitled to him in every way, she will battle to kill her husband’s strong affection for the other woman.

Now, we are going to underline a few basic signs to showcase how you can see when a married man is in love with you. 


He will make his intentions clear to you

Whether you’re married or not all men fall in love every day. Especially those who are married will state there true intentions for you. Him, telling you what he wishes to achieve with you in the present and future will give a clear indication that he is in love with you. A married man will never commit to another woman without a valid reason. He has no reason to tear apart his “happy home” in the first place. Once a married finds himself in love with someone else he makes sure that he does everything possible to keep her. His motto will be to make you his woman indefinitely no matter the cost. He will ensure that you are aware of the lifetime commitment he wishes to have with you. A married man in love will never be afraid to show you off. He will not even mind the public display of the love and affection you give to another. That’s how to know when a married is in love with you

He is likely not to “care” about what people say

Marriage is known to be a sacred union between two or more people if possible. The union itself is of public knowledge. It’s a “secret” but it’s more like a “public secret” that everyone is well aware of. There is no way people can never know who is married to who in their communities. When one cheats people will know and see. Eventually, it leads to “false or true” rumors and speculations. If the married man in love with you cared about the happiness and continuation of his marriage, he would want to keep the affair as a secret.

Thus if a married man does happen to fall in love, he will not care what people would say about him or the matters of his marriage. There will be more time made to be spent with you. The only thing he will care about is him and you, the new love of his life. This lack of care towards his marriage and wife will demonstrate that his heart is no longer with his wife. As a husband, he will make sure that his unapologetic about how he feels about her.

He will inform his family about you first

When a married man is deeply in love with someone, it simply means that he is deeply invested in spending the future with this woman. Since he is serious about spending his life with you, he will inform his family and friends about your existence in his life. With the wife, he shall ensure she has full knowledge of the relationship you have with him. He will acquaint you with his family and you will too, do the same for him. You will be made to feel more like part of the family than an intruder.

He will want to have children with you

It’s only logical to produce and expand the family tree once you have fallen in love with your significant other. A married man who’s in love would want to have kids and build a family with you. He would want to have an eternally binding lifetime bond. This would be a way of him not wanting or wishing not to ever separate from you. By having kids it will help strengthen and cement the relationship. The validation of the love he has for you will be seen by the offspring he wants to have with you. The fact that he is a married man does not have any consequence to what he aims to achieve with you. 

He will be jealous when he sees you with other men

A man in love tends to be territorial and possessive if not overprotective over the woman they fall in love with. He will not be pleased to see you being friendly with other men. At times he will warn you not to talk to other men in his presence. The need to know your whereabouts are going to be his most important. At times he will want to offer or insist on picking you up and take you home with him. Safety and security will be an important aspect when it comes to you.

He will constantly want to communicate with you

How to know when a married is in love with you? A married man in love will always and forever want to talk to you. At times it will not necessarily be a call or text to talk about serious issues. He will at times just call to hear the sound of your voice and if you’re in a good and happy space. It’s more of he communicates with you so that he can gather exactly where you are and what you’re doing. Him, being able to communicate with you helps him to get to know you better and feel more connected to you. Mainly when married men fall in love they tend to want strong communication between them. 

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Bottom line- How to know when a married man is in love with you 

Signs of being in love are always obvious and in the clear. A married man can fall deeply in love with someone else rather than his wife. It’s just that when you’re a man and in love with someone, it’s impossible to let go. A married man in love will go through great lengths to get the woman he loves by his side. Love is powerful so it’s true to say you can see visible concrete signs of him falling madly and deeply in love with you.