How to stop being his mistress and get him to leave her for me?

How to stop being his mistress and get him to leave her for me? No woman ever signs up to be second best or being referred to as the other woman. Woman, you are treated as less than human and always kept out of sight whenever there is company. You feel like a step lover in your own life, like a second class citizen who has fewer rights than others. 

You spend most holidays alone because your man has to be with his real family, and what is worse is that you can’t even show him off in public or on social media. Just know this, you are his dirty little secret, and honestly, you must be tired of that life. 

We all know you want to be recognized as his woman, you want status, and you want a real home with him. You clearly know that you will not get that as long as he stays married to her. Unless if that your married boyfriend leaves his wife for you so that you can finally enjoy the benefits that will come to you as his official wife. 

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How to stop being the other woman and become the wife

I wish I could tell you that even if you get him to leave his wife; you might not get what you are wishing because you are not guaranteed that he will still want to be with you when he is finally free.

It could be due to guilt or due to suddenly having many options, or even due to the excitement of sneaking around being gone, but there is a big number of men who do not continue with their mistresses after divorcing their wives. Anyway, that is not my story to tell today. All I can say is that Papa Miko can help you make him leave her exactly for you. 

It is also not my position to tell you that not all that glitters is gold and that this man who cheated on his wife without remorse might do the same to you when he marries you because he will easily get bored and start looking for the next conquest. I will not tell you that because that is not something you are ready to hear yet. All in the hand of Papa Miko, he can still make him yours alone forever after he leaves his wife for you.

What I need to tell you right now are the steps you need to take to make sure that your man is devoted to you, and that he loves you so deeply that he is able to leave his wife to be with you. So here we go. How to stop being his mistress and get him to leave her for me?

Make sure that this man knows what you expect from your relationship

It is very easy for a man who is just having fun with you without any intentions of having a serious relationship to think you are doing the same with him. If you do not let this man clearly know what you want from him, do not expect him to guess what is on your mind. He will only work with his assumptions and believe me or not, they are never in your favour. 

Not only do you have to let your man know exactly what you want from him, but you also have to stop making it feel like a wish list that he can think about only when he is feeling generous, and make it an expectation that he must work hard to fulfil. 

If you tell him that you want him to leave his wife for you, do not let him feel like he is doing it as a favour to you, but rather as something that will benefit him too. If his interests are being introduced into the equation, it will be easier for a man to be able to push for something because it will be good for him too. 

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Keep your man happy

And of course, you do not expect him to just believe you just because you said so. You have to act and convince him so. How? By being the perfect companion to him. Keeping a man may seem like rocket science but it is actually easy especially if you know someone well. This will need you to take some time and study your man, discovering what he likes and what makes him happy, what makes him laugh and what he cherishes the most.

By knowing this man so well, first, you will be able to decide whether you suit each other well enough to continue with your relationship or whether you do not see a future with him. You will do this mostly because you are with him for love, and cannot be with him if there’s no real love, right? 

Be different

And in whatever you do, try to be different from his wife, in dressing, in manners, and in any other way possible. If it means peeking a little into her life, it is only for research purposes and I’m pretty sure there is nothing wrong with that. So go ahead, do your research, and brand yourself in a way that will be new, fresh and exciting for your man. He will definitely love that!

Be part of his plans

Secondly, when you know your man very well, it will be easy to keep him happy. Remember, you are his safe refuge, the one he runs to when he is stressed or when he needs to release his frustrations. 

You will need to stay in his happy place, the person who makes him laugh and the one with whom he has the most fun with. And which man wouldn’t want to be happy forever, or that is what he will be thinking. The more he turns to you for release, the easier it will be for him to trust you. 

Before you know it, you will become his confidant, and he will be discussing his future plans with you. And since now you have become the custodian of his plans, what would be so hard about putting yourself into the plans too?

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Be honest

Remember if you want to be with this man, you have to display the personality that he would appreciate earlier on so that he does not doubt your capability when the times comes for you to take over your throne. 

Make sure to remain honest and truthful for as long as your relationship lasts. Do not be tempted to fake a pregnancy or an illness hoping that he will be convinced to leave his wife. 

Not only will he not appreciate it, but you might end up losing his trust and his love because that is clearly manipulating him, and it is evil, period!

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Mind your business, not his

Secondly, much as you want him to leave his wife for you, keep your nose out of his family affairs as much as possible. You might be his confidant, and he might run to you about his wife a lot, but keep your comments, especially the bitchy ones, to yourself.

It will do no good to the image you are trying to cultivate if he starts thinking that you are petty too, and you might end up in the same pool as the wife, or soon to be ex-wife, which is not really promising for your aspirations as the incoming wife.

Bottom line- How to stop being his mistress and get him to leave her for me?

I might not be the easiest to listen to because I will tell you the truth as it is, without hiding facts or trying to sugarcoat the truth, but it will help you, in the long run, to follow whatever I tell you.

Remember, it is your life, and no one is in charge of your happiness apart from you, so go ahead, do whatever keeps you happy!

Thank you for reading How to stop being his mistress and get him to leave her for me? If you have any question or need any help feel free to contact us.

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