Ways to make him leave his girlfriend for you

Ways to make him leave his girlfriend for you. All’s fair in love and war, not so?

Today, I am totally in the mood of being cliché, cheesy, corny, or whatever you may call it, just like your situation now. You are madly in love with a man who is not yet yours.  You hate that you have already been stereotyped as the ‘other woman’ and you will do anything to make sure you turn his head and he leaves his girlfriend for you. So let us explore solutions that may be as cliché as the problem you want to solve.

Hey, I know what you are thinking. I’m not making light of your situation. I’m only here to show you that the solution you are looking for is not as hard as you think, and that you should worry less. You might feel like life has not been easy for you.


How to get a man to leave his girlfriend

Everything you have is always being taken away and everything you want is already taken. That includes the man you love. You want him to be totally yours but even though you seem to have tried everything, nothing seems to be working.

You are on the verge of giving up but I want to tell you to hold on. Hold tight onto your dreams, aka your dream guy, and never let him go. Remember, easy come, easy go so you are going to have to put in some effort if you really want this man to leave his girlfriend for you.

Since every dog has its day, yours too will come, and I am going to show you ways of making him leave his girlfriend for you so that he is yours and only yours. After all, every man is the architect of his destiny and you are about to change yours so let’s see how the wisdom of these sayings will help you get him to leave his girlfriend for you:

Always put your best foot forward

Obviously, you should try to always look your best whatever the occasion. Men are visual beings and you should strive to catch his attention in a way that is totally different from his girlfriend. Dress up in a fresh and sexy way and try to look seductive to him without being tacky. Make yourself attractive to other guys and once in a while you can subtly flirt with another guy to test his reaction. If he is has feelings for you, he will become very jealous when he sees you with another man. This will also show him that you have other options apart from him and that he should treasure your presence by making you a priority in his life.

I will leave this below for you. Woman, I am on your side and I completely know what you’re going through and what you want. Besides what I have put down here in this article, there is another way you can take follow this link How to make him leave her for me.  That link contains fast and easy ways to make him leave his girlfriend for you. 

Honesty is the best policy

Do not suffer in silence. You are going to have to be upfront with your man so that he knows what you expect from him. You need to have a deep and meaningful talk with your boyfriend about your status. Let him commit himself fully to actually leaving his girlfriend for you. Be open to him and tell him you expect nothing but honesty. If he has been making promises to you about leaving his girlfriend but always has one excuse after another, it is time to set the record straight. The best way is to give him an ultimatum that will involve either leaving his girlfriend when he says he will, or leaving him forever.

Put root work or spells on him

woman, when the going gets tough? you can complete that. They are many spells and rootwork that you can use to make him leave his girlfriend for you. These spells work fast and in a mysterious way. They waste no time giving you what you want. Papa Miko can help you with the spells that’s can help you win him over her. Get in touch with him and see that man yours alone in no time

Absence makes the heart fonder

Once in a while you will need to take a step away from this relationship to let both of you gain a different perspective. Do not respond to his calls for some time and also physically distance yourself from him. Hopefully, your absence will make him yearn for you more. He will treasure your presence more and work harder to keep you by his side by doing what you want and that is, to leave his girlfriend for you.

Giving him space is also a way of testing how genuine his feelings for you are and whether he misses you enough to take the next step of making you his girlfriend.

Good things come to those who wait.

You have to be patient with your man. Has he made any promise about leaving the relationship he shares with his girlfriend? Then give him time to deliver on that promise.

However, you need to have a strategy with a clear timeline on how you are going to make sure he leaves his girlfriend for you. While being patient, do not allow him to become too comfortable with the current status. You need to keep him on the edge especially about your availability.

Be there for him, but at the same time, do not let him take your presence for granted.  The best way to do that is to let him give you a specific period at the end of which he should actually be free to be with you. Avoid having an ambiguous timeline; instead work to have specific goals within a specific time. Your duty is to make sure he sticks to his promise and does not give you any more excuses.

Also, do not try to openly sabotage his relationship or to badmouth his girlfriend to him. Rather, you can subtly point out her weaknesses or set her up in ways where she can expose herself by acting irrationally or insanely jealously. On your side, you will need to engage him most of the time so that he is too busy with you and does not spend much time with his girlfriend. This will eventually lead to their breakup and all you have to do is to wait it out.

Don’t hesitate woman, the time is now to make him yours alone, to make him leave his girlfriend for you. Follow this link. How to make him choose me over his girlfriend and find out other quick and fast ways to win him over her.

You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar

The best way you can get this guy to happily leave his girlfriend and hook up with you is by loving him. Since you have been with him, you understand the best way he wants to be loved. Show him that you treasure him and that you will always be here for him when he needs you. Be his confidant and his rock whenever things are hard. Let him be able to trust you and to count on you. That is the strongest basis for building a long lasting relationship.

Also, you will need to trigger his emotional side by provoking the naturally protective instinct in him. Put yourself in situations where he can save you or help you and thus he will be your hero. Make sure to recognize his efforts. It will stroke his ego to be appreciated that way and will draw him closer to you as he knows that you need him and would most probably suffer if he is not there to save you.

By any means possible if you have done everything to make him leave her for you and he is not willing to do so. Or he has lied to you many times about being with you alone. Yet for you the goal is to not share him anymore because you’re tired of being the other woman.   The remaining alternative is to take matters in your hands and make him do things your way. This link will explain more of how you can make him leave his girlfriend for after everything you have tried failed.

Take matters in your hands than waiting or going through all the points here just Make him leave her for you.

Bottom line – Ways to make him leave his girlfriend for you

There are many ways you can use to make him leave his girlfriend for you but the most important that you should hold on and not let go is the love you share. Remember, love conquers all, and genuine love is a beautiful thing to see. Do not forget to love yourself and to look out for your interests because it is only by loving yourself that you will be able to attract true love.

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