How to get a guy to break up with his girlfriend for you

How to get a guy to break up with his girlfriend. For people like you, in love and life, it is always ALL or nothing. Granted it might be your fault for falling in love with the wrong guy, one who already has a girlfriend.

 But he is the one you want, and you are not going to settle for anything else. You want his mind, body and soul and you do not, under any circumstances, intend to share him with anyone else. 

Calm down! I know you are panicking because you can’t see how to make him break up with his girlfriend for you. That is why I am here for you. If you follow these steps below, you will easily be able to get your man, and get him to leave his girlfriend too! 


Flirt with him but draw your boundaries

Don’t let him get too comfortable with flirting with you on the side. Be honest with him and let him know that you are not okay with being the other woman and can only be happy if he makes you the official girlfriend.

While with him, be discreet, because you do not want the girlfriend to break you up before your relationship has solidified. Do not be quick to issue an ultimatum for him to break up with his girlfriend, but have your principles and stick to them.

This way you can earn and keep his respect and that is the only way he will make you his girlfriend after breaking up with the current one. 

Also, do not be overtly sexual with him. Keep some mystery around you. Leave him yearning for more. Let him try to figure you out. The more he tries, the closer he will have to be with you. In the process, he will fall in love with you and will make you his girlfriend, replacing the one he has.

Show him you love him.

Let your guy do not doubt in his heart that you love him. The main reason you should be fighting for him is that you love him. If he has been looking for someone to love him unconditionally, there you are.

Show him that you love him in a way that no one else can. There are little but meaningful ways you can show a guy that you love him. Listen to him, be there for him, share his dreams and worries, be affectionate with him, have fun with him, care for him, treat him like a king, like he is the most important person in your life, and above all, share with him your life.

This will make his girlfriend’s love pale in comparison to yours. He will start doubting her sincerity especially when he compares her actions to yours and before you know it, he will break up with his girlfriend for you. 

Put roots on him 

The fast and better way to get him to break up with his girlfriend for you is to use rootwork. This May sound ridiculous but it is the best way among the rest I have written on this page. 

Putting roots on him to get him to leave his girlfriend for you will save you a lot of time. With roots put on him, you wont to have to do any of the other steps I have mentioned here.

Rootwork will do things your way and according to your needs. They will force him to leave her for you regardless of what. 

The powers of the roots will make him yours alone, you won’t have to share him anymore. He is going to be yours alone. Simply contact Papa Miko and he will help you to get a guy to break up with his girlfriend for you. 

Stalk him stealthily

The easiest way to stalk someone is on social media. Create alerts for his posts so that you may know what he is doing or feeling at any given time. You can use your actual profile or you can create a fake profile that you can use to comment on his posts and thus create curiosity. You can also flirt with him openly using the fake profile well knowing that even if the girlfriend discovers the messages, she cannot come after you.

Stalking him has the advantage of being able to quickly respond to him without him first opening up to you. If you sense that he is sad or down, it is an opportunity for you to console him or just reach out to him. If his location shows that he is nearby, you can easily go there and bump into him ‘accidentally’. Even if he is not a social media person, you can befriend someone close to him to feed you with intel about him.

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Expose her Lies

Most people lie unintentionally and if you look hard enough, you can find what you are looking for. Those are the few or a trail of lies left by this guy’s girlfriend. What you are trying to do right now is to expose this girl as a serial liar and cause the guy to lose trust in her. Without trust, love dies a natural death. They don’t have to be huge lies, but even small inconsistencies like lying about where she has gone or who she is with at any moment can lead his boyfriend to lose trust in her. 

But while snooping around; be careful not to be discovered. Use a trusted friend or one of his friends to expose her so that the guy does not find out your true intentions, otherwise, he might lose trust in you too and your relationship will die prematurely. 

Occupy his time 

It’s not entirely true that absence makes the heart fonder. Strive to keep him absent from his girlfriend. Find ways of keeping him busy especially when he is away from work. Invite him out or get his friends to keep inviting him on outings where you are present. Initiate long conversations with him and get him to talk in-depth with you. When you are not with him physically, if you can’t call, text him. You can start with an innocent conversation but try to flirt subtly with him at every given opportunity. If you keep texting him even at night, it will keep his attention away from his girlfriend and he will also be thinking of you most of the time. Also, it will arouse his girlfriend’s jealousy and could lead to fights between the two of them which can easily lead to their relationship breaking up.

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Be competitive

Show no mercy! This is a war you must win so you should be well prepared. You should already know what your guy likes or dislikes. By all means, become his dream woman, and you will steal his attention.

You don’t have to necessarily be better looking than his girlfriend; you just have to be better at knowing and doing what he likes. But remember, men like to look at pretty images so try to look your best without being too plastic.

Find the music he likes, the games he enjoys, his favourite hangouts, and of course his close friends. Find out also his girlfriend’s weakness and magnify them while showing that you are better than her in those areas. This will earn you his approval and that of his family.

Get help

It might seem hard for you as a person to break up a couple that is seemingly in love but if you enlist the help of a few hardworking friends, your success will be guaranteed. It wouldn’t hurt if those friends of yours also happen to be his friends. That means you need to befriend his close friends first. Let them believe in you the same way your friends do. You can also become close to his family members especially those he listens to. When they are on your side, seek their help in ensuring that your guy breaks up with his girlfriend for you. 

Become his confidant

You have to get close enough to your guy for him to be able to trust you. Be a listening friend and let him tell you his challenges and dreams. It will be almost like having the most accurate insider information on him. Use that to your advantage. He might not realize your intentions at first so he will open up to you easily. Do not reveal your game plan so fast. Let him first get comfortable with you in his life. It is so easy to make the transition from being close friends to being lovers, but let it be a gradual process. That way, you will become a fixture in his life and he will not want to let you go, even when he has to break up with his girlfriend.

Bottom line -How to get a guy to break up with his girlfriend

The process of getting a guy to leave his girlfriend for you might be hard and challenging but remember not to lose yourself along the way. You want him to love you for who you are and not who you are trying to be. The prize should be worth it so do not forget to keep your respect about you all the time.

Thank you for reading How to get a guy to break up with his girlfriend for you.

Good Luck!

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