Private: Get Him to Leave His wife for me. Q and ACategory: QuestionsHow do I make him leave his wife for me. Please help.
asked 4 years ago

Hello Papa Miko:) I’m in love with a married man and want him to end his unhappy marriage. He doesn’t have any kids. I’ve known him since 4 years now. We have gone through ups and downs, including leaving him when he didn’t leave his wife within the time period that he promised. Then we got in touch again and have agreed to speak as friends so as to not get emotionally hurt again. But we still flirt with each other, still have feelings for each other and are still attracted to each other.

We understand one another really well and can just be ourselves. We talk very often and also discuss things we would like to do together like travel etc if he were single or to become single.

He almost left his marriage recently because they got into a big fight but then decided to give it another chance again.
I know that I can love him and make him happier. But how do I make him leave his wife? I avoid getting physically involved or getting too emotional with him since I don’t want to get hurt again if he never leaves his wife.

I want him to leave his marriage, and start fresh with him as good friends and slowly aim for something more.
I’m 40 and a divorcee with no kids and have a good career as Nurse. He is 41.

Please help me if you can. I don’t want time to just waste and pass by and wish and imagine what could be.
Thank you for your time to read this Papa Miko. Please help me make him leave his wife for me.

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Staff answered 4 years ago

Hello Camila
This is Papa Miko.

Like you said, you want to end his unhappy marriage and start fresh with him. That is exactly what we are going to do. We are going to work together on this.

I am going to make him leave her, divorce here this time he won’t go back to her. We are going to break the bridge that connects them and make him completely yours.

We are going to do all the above with my spell to make my boyfriend leave his wife for me and her to easily let him go. Camilla, I suggest we talk privately via my email about how we are going to work on him and her to divorce and make him yours