How can I get my married boyfriend out of his unhappy marriage?

How can I get my married boyfriend out of his unhappy marriage? They say when two hearts are destined to be together, nothing in this world can keep them apart. If it is your destiny to be with your boyfriend, I believe nothing, not even his marriage, will keep you apart. 

You just have to concentrate on your relationship with him and push a few buttons, and hopefully, everything will fall in place. Sounds impractical, right? But it is not. The challenge is that you are thinking of taking on a task that should not be yours in the first place. 


Get your married boyfriend to leave his wife for you

You did not send your boyfriend into an unhappy marriage, and it is not you keeping him married. He is not a child, so respect him enough not to treat him like one. If he needs your help getting out of the marriage, he will ask you. 

If he is not asking you, and he is doing nothing about it, have you considered that maybe he doesn’t want to get out of the marriage at all? Or something big is holding him there.

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Therefore, before you rush to break up his marriage thinking he is going to be with you, first, be sure of the depth of his feelings. You have to make sure that this relationship is not just a forbidden excitement for him or an act of rebellion from his regular life, and that he is serious about being with you forever. 

I do not want to say mind your own business, because apparently, he is now your business. But I’ll have to say this; tread carefully when trying to break him up with his wife. Drive, don’t shove, convince, do not compel! 

Love him

That is the whole point of this anyway, isn’t it? You cannot claim to want your boyfriend to leave his wife if you do not love him enough. How will the thought even cross his mind if you are not showing him enough care? 

Make him a priority in your life and learn everything about him especially what makes him happy. Do not focus on his wallet alone, too many people make that mistake. Instead, look at how you will be adding value to his life. 

What are you giving him that he cannot get from elsewhere? Sometimes, we have to subject love to logical scrutiny, especially if there is something you’re strategically working towards. And other times, even when it doesn’t make sense, we have to trust in love and trust that it will work out, sooner than later.

Be competitive

This is a war you cannot afford to lose so you better be well prepared. While you cannot get close to the wife to taunt her, you can win by keeping this man glued to your side that he cannot spare a thought for his wife. 

You will make it your job to study everything about your boyfriend; what he likes and what he hates. Try to become the woman of his dreams, and you will be able to steal his heart. 

This goes beyond being more beautiful or more confident. It’s about what he feels when he is with you. Sometimes, your confidence might rub him the wrong way and you need to tone down, and other times, being meek might not excite him enough. You have to strike the right balance after learning what most of his character prefers.  

Show that you are really interested in him and that all you need is his happiness. This will surely earn you his approval and that of his family and cast the other side in a bad light.

Listen to him

Sometimes all a man wants is someone to listen to him and to believe in him. You will snatch his heart if you can be his listening partner who will give advice without judgment. If he trusts you enough to tell you his challenges and dreams, then he will trust you enough to want to spend the rest of his life with him.

Trust is fragile but can be earned. Earn his trust and you will have him at your beck and call. It might not be easy especially if his wife has hurt him or disappointed him, but I know you are ready for the task. You have to be his friend before you can become his lover, and you have to be his lover before you can become his wife. Take it a step at a time, a listening ear as the first step. 

Keep him occupied

You have to make your boyfriend think of you and nobody else all the time. Your best bet to achieve this is to keep him physically occupied with you whenever he has free time.

When he is busy at work or at night, you can keep texting him and making sure that he is always thinking of you. This is a way of marking your territory and showing his wife that even when he is physical with her, he still belongs to you. 

They say out of sight is out of mind. If you can keep him away from his wife, both physically and mentally, it will be easier for him to forget all about her, and to let her go when the time comes to leave her. 

Let him know you expect total commitment from him 

Given a choice, your man will choose to have his cake and eat it too! You have to be clear that you are not comfortable dating him while he is still married. Give him an ultimatum, if it works for you or finds a way of getting him to commit to leaving his wife for you. If you are not vocal about your expectations, do not expect them to be prioritized. This is not a battle you can fight alone, and neither should it be because it concerns not just your happiness but his too. 

If he is too lazy to get off his butt and leave his wife for you, then he doesn’t love you enough. And if you are too scared, or too worried to let him know that he needs to be a ‘free man’ before your relationship can progress further, then you are missing the point.

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Be patient

You have heard it so many times, but I will repeat it for emphasis. Be patient! Nothing will be achieved if you panic and try to set up schemes to destroy his marriage. If his marriage was doomed from the beginning, it will unravel itself, without much of your help. 

Do not be tempted to fake pregnancy or attack his wife so that they can break up faster. This will backfire so badly that your relationship might never recover. 

Above all, respect your man enough to let him make his own decisions. Feel free to advise him but always remember that the final decision has to be his. This is because you are planning to keep this man for a long time, and you do not want to antagonize him and make him resent you because of your interference. 

You need to work at amassing positive energy and try to distance yourself from the failure of his marriage as much as possible.

Bottom line How can I get my married boyfriend out of his unhappy marriage?

Have you ever tried to untangle a twisted mass of thread? This is what it will feel like. You will need to work slowly and carefully. You will have to give it time, but also give it all your attention, taking care not to cause more damage than is already done. If you understand this clearly, then I know you are ready for the task. 

Thank you for reading How can I get my married boyfriend out of his unhappy marriage? If you have any question feel free to as and Papa Miko will get back to you Good Luck!

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