How to make him forget his wife

How to make him forget his wife. It is so hard to make a man remember something. Things like birthdays, anniversaries, appointments, as his companion, you have to double as his calendar all the time! If making a man remember important dates is already so hard, why would you struggle with making him forget anything? 

A wise person would say leave it to nature and he’ll eventually forget on his own. But the realist knows that it is not as simple as that. Some memories are so ingrained in a man’s head that you might need a grader or something close to that to make them budge. But the realist also acknowledges that when done right, it will be so easy for a man to forget his wife, or at least relegate her to a part of his brain that only works occasionally. 

Ways to make him forget her

So how do you make a grown-up man forget his wife and focus on only you? Read on!

Be patient

You man has been married for some good time. He has had years of memories with his wife stored in his head. It will take some time for him to forget all the good memories he has made with his wife. You need to be patient with him if you want to make him forget his wife. 

The deal is to focus on making even better memories with him so that he does not dwell on his history but rather on the present. The time this takes depends on you, his characters and the circumstances of your relationship. Consider it as a labour of love and the most important thing is that you do not give up until you have achieved what you want. 

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Be yourself

The best way you are going to leave a strong impression on this man, so strong, that it will make him forget his wife, is by just being yourself. Be unique because this man appreciates whatever it is that sets you apart from other women and especially from his wife. 

Your character attracted him, and it will be able to keep him. Do not try to change to become the sort of person that you think he will be impressed with. Do not even think of trying to copy his wife’s dressing, mannerisms or anything that you think he might like about her. This will only keep reminding him of that wife at a time when he might be ready to let go and start life afresh with you. 

Be a fun person

You might not know the actual reason why this man fell out of love with his wife but one thing you should try to do is to avoid being boring. Keep your man excited and having fun and you will not worry about him leaving you or going back to his wife. It is hard for someone to keep thinking about their problems when they are busy having fun. They will keep postponing thinking about them and before you know it, he has already forgotten about it. Keep him coming back for more by having a good sense of humour and being light-hearted. You will need to know what ticks your man off and make sure to use it often. He will start looking for all excuses to be with you and before you know it, he cannot keep away from you, even for a day!

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Spend time with him

You need to know your man very well if you are really going to make him forget about his wife and think only of you, and the best way to do that is by spending lots and lots of time with him. The more you hang out with him, the better your relationship will progress and the easier for him to only think of you in his life and no other. Do not forget that quality time spent together is never wasted. When you are together, he has no chance of thinking of anyone else. You will make sure that he is too busy having fun with you to think of anyone else. 

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Work on your communication

The most important part of a relationship is communication. And I do not mean just the spoken or written words. You need to study your man to know his body language and most of his thoughts that remain unspoken. This is where you will know for sure whether this man really loves you as he claims, or whether he can actually forget his wife and move on with his life with you.

Try to understand your man and in turn, make sure he understands you clearly when you try to communicate with him. Eliminate all ambiguity, and if you are not comfortable with something, let him know. In turn, be open to whatever he needs to tell you. This makes it easy for you to comment on his relationship with his wife and if there is something you are not comfortable with, it will be easier to make demands from him because he already knows your feelings about it.

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Love him

I do not think I have stressed this enough. Everything else pales when compared to love. Even If you do everything else that I have said, if you do not show your guy love, it will all be for nothing. The only reason a man will leave his wife, his family, and everything else is because he believes that you love him deeply. If you are unable to show him that love, you are wasting your time. Not only should you care about him, but let him also care for you. Show him your vulnerability and let him feel needed and wanted by you. You will never go wrong if you can make the man feel like a hero rescuing a damsel in distress. He will abandon everything he knows, everything he believes in, just to rescue you!

Bottom line-How to make him forget his wife

Remember, the most important thing is not to make your man forget his wife, but to make him love you so much that his affection and his memories with his wife pale in comparison to you. So you need to focus more on making this man love you and less on the status of his relationship with his wife. If he no longer loves her as he has told you, and if their marriage is an unhappy one, its downfall will be inevitable; it doesn’t have to come from you. Try to avoid messing up with karma. Just focus on making your man happy and being the best companion to him that you can, and the rest will fall in place.

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