How to get him back from the other woman

Did he leave you for the other woman or you just broke up and he found someone else? Whatever the case! That is sad enough. And while you are still reeling with your feelings and coming to terms with it, he has already moved on. Or the woman he left you for is showing off with him in your face.

You are not ready to let her just walk over you and steal your man or you’re not willing to move on and let him be with someone else. You feel the two of you can still work it out if given the chance to.

You feel he still loves you and you love him back. However, life is not giving you that chance to be with him. Instead give yourself the chance. It is your turn now to work hard on getting him back.


Get him back from the other woman

If you really love him and think that he might still feel the same, you must get him back from the other woman. How? I’ll let you on in a secret- it’s not that hard! You had him before; it’s easy to have him again, without even doing much.  That is, if he still loves you. Just follow the steps below and watch your love return to you.

Love yourself first

You cannot love someone else unless you learn to love yourself first. This is especially hard to do after a breakup. However, you need to pick up the pieces of your life first and rebuild yourself. Do not rely on a man to help fix you. Create the best version of yourself that you can. Take time to rebuild yourself first. You need to repair all the damage you are carrying from the break up first. Forgive him and forgive yourself. Do not rush your healing.

If you need to visit the gym, by all means, do not delay. Fix your body where possible, build your mind, and feed your soul. Take time off work and enjoy the hobbies that you might have neglected. Revisit your friendships and connect with people who will support you. Getting your husband back from the other woman is a long journey but once you have taken this first step, the rest will fall in line.

Go for root works-spell to get him back from the other woman

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Be his friend

Become a friendly presence in your ex’s life. You should not even try hard to win him back at this stage. Since you shared so much while you were together, it is easy to have a point of connection to start with. For example, if you belong to the same social group, you can always hang out with him, without showing any awkwardness. Show him that you have forgiven him and that you are ready to move on with your life. Do not pressure him into relieving the good times you shared, rather, be there for him, like any good friend would be. Listen to him and share advice. Become his confidant and slowly, the lines of trust will be opened again.

Becoming friends with your ex will also cause his current girlfriend to panic. Even though your actions and conversations might be totally innocent, she cannot be comfortable seeing you around him because you share a history. This will make her paranoid and insecure and will ruin her relationship with your ex, paving the way for you to enter his life again.

Make sure your friendship with the ex is a non-sexual one. I know that it is hard but you have to fight the urge to sleep with him because that will leave you feeling used and vulnerable. Let your actions stay pure until he has broken up with his current girlfriend. You do not want to suddenly turn into the other woman as this will create a vicious cycle of cheating. Other than that you can still my roots to get him back from the other woman.

Stay present

Even though your ex-husband has moved on to someone else, you need to stay present in his life. Do not cut off all channels of communications, and if you belonged to the same groups, do not rush to leave them. If you shared the same hobbies, continue enjoying them. Let him see and appreciate this new version of him. By spending time with him when you have no strings binding you, you will find it easier to understand him and what really went wrong with your relationship in the first place.

While spending time with him, do not be clingy and do not try to make his girlfriend jealous. Be the bigger person and be respectful and considerate of her feelings. Do not compete with her, but rather, be yourself. Stay confident in your capacities but do not try to bring his girlfriend down.

While he is spending time with you, the girlfriend will become insecure and jealous. Do not retaliate. If your ex sees that you are mature about the whole scenario while his girlfriend is paranoid, he will start thinking about getting back together with you.

Reflect on what went wrong

Do not plead with your ex to come back to you. He is a mature man who made his decisions well knowing the effect. Try not to blame the other woman for snatching your man, because you are planning to do the same to her, and the blame game will be unending.

Instead look at issues from an unemotional point of view. Do not cling to the love you shared with your ex to seek to reunite with him. Rather, analyze how your relationship will fare going forward and base your decisions on that.

Do not think of getting back together with your ex unless you have sat down and hashed out your issues. You need to know what went wrong in the first place. If either of you cheated, what could have pushed that person to cheat? You need to look at the biggest challenges you had in the relationship and see how to address them. If your man had problems, is he committed to working on them, or he is hooking up with you only because you are available. Have at least one deep conversation with him to clear up any misunderstandings that you might have.

And then manage your expectations in the relationship. You do not need to hook up and then break up in the same breath so be sure that that version of him right now is the one you want to be with. I still say that if you have tried out all the steps I have put down on this page or find it hard to do any of them then go for my spell to get him back from the other woman.

Take your time

Nothing heals better than time. And if you want to rebuild a long and lasting relationship that will withstand many trials, you cannot be in a hurry. Take time to heal yourself and give him time too. If he wronged you, he needs to first realize his mistake in letting you go and also work on forgiveness. He might still be excited about his new relationship. You have to give it time to first run past the honeymoon phase; otherwise, he might not pay any attention to you. Use the time away from him to work on improving yourself instead. If he still loves you, time will prove that. When the anger has subsided, his love will shine through again.

Tell him about your feelings

Once you have done all the above, slowly build up to letting him know how you feel. Remember that he is in a relationship so do not be over dramatic about it. Talk it out just the two of you and clear up any misunderstanding you may have. This is because you need to see his reactions personally and gauge whether or not he is still interested in you. It is important that he feels the same way about you. If he does not or he has moved on and really loves his girlfriend, you need to let him go. Do not linger. Sometimes, it was not meant to be and if you insist too much. Then my spell to get him back from the other woman is all you need to see him leave her and come back to you.

Bottom line – How to get him back from the other woman

Sometimes, you might find that you were dependent on your ex because something else was missing in your life and you think he is the only one who can provide it. However, when you have fixed yourself properly, you need to ask yourself again whether you actually need to get back your ex from the other woman. If the answer is still yes, then certainly go ahead. This proves that you really love him and are ready to be with him even through the hard times.

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