Falling in love with a married man who loves you too

In love with a married man who loves you too. Falling in love is not something you can plan for or force to happen. It will take place regardless of our actions and thoughts towards it. The most beautiful thing in the world is to be in love with someone who loves you back. 

You have suddenly found someone you love and he really loves you back. You should be the happiest woman on earth, right? Not really. This is because the man you are in love with is already married. 

He is not free to be with you and you do not know what to do. Maybe you are wondering whether you should continue being with him since love conquers all, or not. 


In love with a married man who loves you too

If you want to continue being with this married man, there are certain unwritten rules that you need to be aware of in your relationship. These might help you when deciding whether you will stay with this married man.

As long as he loves and you like the way he loves you then you might consider making him leave his wife for you. Or go look for another option.

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Control your expectations

One thing you have to know if you want to enter into a relationship with this married man is that he is not yet yours. The man already belongs to another woman and until he has divorced that woman, he is not morally, socially or legally your man. 

Do not become too comfortable just because he is very good to you and you forget that you still have a long way to go if you really want to be with him. 

First and foremost, unless your man has initiated proceedings for divorce, you have to bear at the back of your mind that he might never actually leave his wife for you. 

He might be looking for excitement or he might be with you because you are a fresh and new factor in his life. Yet again he might just be bored with his life. 

It might even be true that this man does love you. But the weight of responsibility and society pressure might make it impossible for him to leave his wife for you. In such cases, you have to be very strategic and choose how you want your life to map out. 

You can either stay with him well knowing that you will never be anything more than a mistress. Second, you can make it your mission to make him leave her for you, it’s so possible. Or you can decide that you want a better status in life and do what is best for you.

Know your place

So you have agreed to be the ‘other woman’? Well and good. However, you need to know your place and don’t go trespassing into the territory of his official wife. 

The wife is entitled to attend all official ceremonies and family holidays. She will appear in public with him and will always carry his name. Much as you may enjoy being with the man, you need to realize that your status is not official and so keep a low profile. 

This is because the world will always judge you especially if the man has not yet left his wife and even show no signs of doing so. As the third wheel in this man’s marriage, you are not entitled to be seen with him in public.

You must keep your outings as private as possible. The fact that the man has revealed his marriage to you early in the affair shows you that he needs you to respect that status. That’s by knowing your boundaries with both him and his family. If you overstep your boundaries, the effect on your relationship with him might be fatal.

Talk with him in-depth

There is no love without good communication. And I don’t mean whispering sweet nothings into each other’s ears all the time. I mean sitting down and having a heart to heart with him once in a while. 

Talk deeply about your feelings for each other and where you think it is leading you. Make sure you know your journey together since he has decided to be with you. 

The truth is that it is not moral or even legal for this man to have both his wife and his mistress in his life. With time, he will have to make a choice and it is up to you to make sure that he makes that choice sooner than later.

 If he gets too comfortable with the status quo, he will not want to make a decision about your affair. It’s up to you to get to choose you over his wife and leave her for you.

Also, keep your ear on your man’s heart. If a man is lying to you about his feelings, he cannot keep up with the pretence for long. Especially if you are paying close attention, he will soon slip and betray himself. 

When that happens, as a mature and self-loving person, you automatically know what to do. However, if his feelings are really genuine and he is actually being true to you, you need to take positive steps to make sure that he leaves his wife and settles with you legitimately.

Respect his family

Just because this married man says he loves you does not mean he does not love his family. He might complain to you and make it seem like they are the worst and he is tired of being with them. But you should know that he is just trying to get sympathy from you. 

The fact that he is still with his family regardless of knowing and having you is a clear indication that he still loves them and is not ready to let go of his family. You should try not to antagonize him by attacking them. 

Keep away from his wife, his relatives or his children. Live your own life as far away both mentally and physically from them as much as you can. In short, run your own race. 

If the wife has not attacked you, do not attack her or even try to make her aware of your existence without your man’s sanction. Remember, in one way or another, this woman has contributed by making him the man that you have come to love.

 As a result, it would not hurt to give her respect as the wife of the man you love. Furthermore, no man will stand you attacking the people he loves and he will leave you first.

let us face it when push comes to shove; he would rather get rid of you since there is no commitment between the two of you than his wife with whom he shares a family and so much more.

Bottom line – Falling in love with a married man who loves you too

This story of being in love with a married man who loves you back has been told for countless ages. However, you are now the star in this movie and it is you making the decisions. 

What you do is up to you but remember that each step you take has repercussions. You should not do something that you are not ready to take responsibility for. Choosing to stay with a married man will not be an easy journey and you need to be aware of that and only take it on if you think you can handle the challenge.

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