How to get Him to leave his girlfriend

Get Him to leave his girlfriend. You have never wanted to be the other woman, let alone be the other girlfriend. You do not want to be the second priority, the one who never gets mentioned at parties. You are also tired of being introduced as ‘my good friend’ yet what you share is more than that. You want to be recognized as his girlfriend, you want your rightful title! And what more, you do not want to share him anymore! 


Get Him to leave his girlfriend

But you are at a disadvantage. Everyone undermines you. No one thinks you can make the leap from the side dish to the main, or sorry, the only girlfriend. But I believe in you. I know it is possible to make that man only yours. And I can tell you how to get him to leave his girlfriend. Follow these steps below and you’ll be well on your way.

Love him the best way you can

It might seem like it’s obvious but there are many relationships where love no longer exists. The best thing you can do to your man is to show him some good old loving. There is no better feeling in the world than knowing that you are loved and treasured. Love has no competition. Love him the best way you can, love him unconditionally. The fact that he is with you shows that something is missing from his current relationship. Fill that gap and give him whatever he has been missing and more. Then show him that all he needs is you. 

Always look your best 

Looking good does not mean you have to have a perfect face or a perfect figure. Looks are relative and what someone sees as perfect might not be the same for another person. You just have to look confident and put enough effort into dressing well. Let him know that you care enough to show him your best side. 

He will also be flattered that you are trying to impress him. Do not compare yourself with his other girlfriend. Do not copy her style or try to imitate her. Rather, be yourself, be unique! Strive to be cheerful and fun.

Remember, to leave an impression in his mind. It might be something as simple as your fragrance that he can’t seem to forget, or your smile that lights up your face. 

Whatever it is, always put your best foot forward. Treat each day as a dress rehearsal. That doesn’t mean you have to be rigid and pretentious. The most important thing is to be fun. 

If he is not having fun with you, then he has no business staying with you, and it will always be easy to stay on his mind if he has been having lots of fun with you. 

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Do your homework

In your fantasy, the love between you and your boyfriend flows naturally. He wakes up to realize that you are his one and only love and the both of you live happily ever after. The reality though is going to be totally different. You are going to work hard to not only make your relationship work but to also upstage the other girl. You cannot afford to undermine your competitor. This means you have to bring your A-game to win the race. 

You are trying to create a rift between your boyfriend and his girlfriend and you need to know what can spark them off and how to do it. The most important part is to know your competitor’s strengths and weaknesses. If the girlfriend is the clingy type, you can find ways of making her insanely jealous, and this will create fights between them that can eventually lead to them breaking up. You can also subtly keep referring to her weaknesses while showing your boyfriend how very different you are.

Seek his attention

You don’t need to be too obvious but try to be always in his line of view. It’s up to you to play coy and shy or bold and confident. The bottom line is, let him know that you are craving his attention. Do not be clingy but look for ways of subtly getting his focus. When talking to him, maintain eye contact. Seek him out whenever you are in a crowd and ask for his opinion often. 

After grabbing his attention, strive to keep it. Make sure he is always thinking of you in one way or another. When you are apart, send him short or hot texts. Tease him often. Flirt with him whenever you have a chance. Send him gifts at work, surprise him often. 

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Be close to his friends

You need to have a good relationship with his friends. Hang out with his close pals once in a while. Be interested in his hobbies and have some knowledge about what he shares most with his friends. If they later become fond of you, they will blow your trumpet. They can also act as your informants when you are gathering intel about the other girl, and they will also protect you in case his girlfriend wants to attack you.  

Bring out his protective side

It is good to be independent and your guy will like the independent steak in you, especially if his girlfriend is the weak and clingy type. However, remember, most men like to feel needed. He will want to protect you and be the knight in shining armour. Give him a chance to shine. Once in a while, though not too often, be the damsel in distress. And whenever he offers to help out, accept his help graciously. Allow him to show his macho side and praise him for the effort. 

Relate deeply

When you are with him, hold nothing back. Have very deep conversations with him. Bare yourself, and make sure you connect with him on a deeper level. Get to know as much about him as you can and let him know about you. He needs to trust you before he can appreciate his love for you. 

Ask him about his goals and ambitions and try to make him see how you fit in his plans. See how you can help him in his life journey and walk the talk. Don’t forget to be a good listener. If he is having a rough time in his relationship, be there for him. Engage him physically, mentally and spiritually. That way, you will be assured that he is thinking of you even when he is with his girlfriend.

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Be patient

Rome was not built in a day so take your time. The most important thing is to have a strategy and to monitor your progress. If you need him to stay with you even after dumping the girlfriend, you must build a strong relationship with him, and that cannot be done in a hurry. You are at war, and victory will only come at the end. Do not rush into doing something stupid. Instead, be calm and calculating. Do not confront the girlfriend, and do not reveal your relationship to her before time. She might issue an ultimatum to the boyfriend and you end up the one being tossed out of the relationship.

Do not overdo it

They say too much of something is bad, and it is true. If you overwhelm your guy, chances are he might freak out and run as far away from you as he can. In whatever you are doing, be as subtle as you can. Let your man figure it out for himself, with a little pushing from you as possible. Do not provoke his other girl in a way that will cast you in a bad light. If you must provoke her, make it seem like you were just trying to help her. This is especially true if both of you are acquainted. 

When you succeed in getting him to break up with his girlfriend, he might first be full of guilt that he will try to avoid you too. Be understanding. Don’t push him. At the same time, show him you are available for him.

Bottom line -How to get Him to leave his girlfriend

It’s not easy pushing wedging yourself between your guy and his other girlfriend, but if you must get him to leave his girlfriend; I have no option but to wish you luck. Remember, love conquers all. If your motivation is not to love, you will have wasted a lot of time and effort. Above all, love yourself first, then in return, you will earn the love you crave for.

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