Private: Get Him to Leave His wife for me. Q and ACategory: Questionscan you make him leave his wife for me?
asked 4 years ago

I fell in love with a married man 3 years ago. I love him with all my life. Everything was fine between us up until the wife found out about me. I am hurt that right now I’m the one chasing after him, texting him first, waiting for a reply, reminding him to come to see me. While he’s planning and giving her everything, regardless of whether he feels he has no choice but to do that or him wanting to do it all for her.

I’m tired of sitting back and watching this. In the meantime, she’s sitting, getting everything handed to her the way she wants. I want him to constantly think of me, and chase after me.  Get him to be in love with me more than I love him. I want him to go above and beyond doing anything in his power to be with me. I want him to desperately want to be with me and do anything to be with me and I want it to be clear for all to see how much he loves me. Papa Miko, can you make him leave his wife for me?

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Staff answered 4 years ago

My answer is yes because this is my job its what I do. Don’t worry my daughter this is going to be easy, I am going to make him leave his wife for you regardless of what. With my spell to make him leave her for me, he is going to come looking for you and he is going to love you more than you do. He is going to leave her for you. let’s take your matters away from the public here is my private email lets talk there