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asked 4 years ago

We met 3 years ago, started talking and seeing each other 2 years ago. It was a natural attraction, chemistry, we instantly fell in love with each other. We share a strong bond. We feel each other in a way that’s different than other relationships, we’ve both said we feel this to each other. However, he didn’t tell me he was married and has 2 children, 2 and 4 years old. He only told me when the wife found my number and texted me asking how I knew him. I didn’t respond to her.

He then told me he had to stay in the marriage for his kids, that he can’t go one day without them, that he has to be there every day in the home for them. He said he was going to play his cards right with her to stay in the home after she found out about me. This was january 8 last month. The next day he started wearing a wedding ring, something, he’s never done, started saying he loved her on his Facebook and posting pictures of them where before he didn’t make mention of her for months.

When I asked him about what he plans with me where, he told me he’s seeing a therapist, that it’s not easy for him to leave the marriage, that he took vows, that his kids are young, that there’s her family involved so he can’t leave and he’s sorry to do this to me. That he fell in love with me and if his situation was different he’d be with me every day, and give me everything, not her.

He said in his current situation he has no choice but to continue in his marriage. I asked him if he was happy, he said it wasn’t about being happy, it’s what he had to do, an obligation he has. That his situation is having kids with someone and being trapped to stay with them. The wife doesn’t work so she depends on him working and she has never worked throughout their marriage. He asked her what her plans are for working or going to school to better herself, she says she has no plans to, doesn’t want to work, so she just wants him to support her. So again he’ll feel obligated if he just leaves. He’s worried about the kids.

Last year when he started seeing me he said they were about to separate because she was going out without him, drinking, partying, flirting with other men, not being able to take care of the kids. She likes to party and get drunk, doesn’t teach the kids, doesn’t do much to help him at home, only cares to watch tv, shop, spend money, get dressed up, wear makeup, and go out. He says she lies to him all the time, has an attitude, yells at him, is cruel, and very manipulative.

They are not on the same page on anything, they disagree and she purposely goes against him. He says he’s alone in this world and if something were to happen to him, there’s no one else to help him, that she wouldn’t help him and he feels as though he lives alone. He says they are not a good one on one but try to work together as parents for the kids. Their interaction is mainly for the kids. Plus her parents are pushing them to stay in the marriage making him feel obligated, guilty that he married their daughter, that he is supposed to take care of her now, she doesn’t work, and telling him if he leaves he’ll be a bad man and father and the kids will turn out bad. He’s very concerned about being a good father as he never knew his father and his mother died when he was 7 years old.

Where we are right now:

After she found my number, I couldn’t call him on his number anymore. He bought a new phone just for me to text and call him on. He has to hide this phone. So we still talk and see each other occasionally but there’s a lot of time I don’t hear from him and it’s all on his terms right now. I only see him when he decides. Sometimes I text him and he won’t reply for days. He keeps the phone that I call on in his car so once he’s inside he can’t read or reply to me. Like right now him the wife and kids went on a vacation from today until Sunday. So I won’t hear from him at all during this time. So right now he lives his life at home with her but sees me whenever he can once a week or so. I’m not happy with the way things are. I want him for myself, all to me, where he no longer goes back to her. I want to see real results.

What I want:

Number one because he tricked me, to begin with, I refuse to just walk away, no matter what happens I want their marriage to be broken beyond repair, for them to be divorce, always to stay apart, despise and hate each other. I want the wife to be gone from his life forever whatever it takes. Papa Miko, I need you to cast a strong spell that will make him leave her and come be with me I want him to be free to commit to a life with me, to marry me, have children with me, share his life with me, for it to all turn around where I am the one he happily does everything for. Help me, Papa Miko, whatever it takes I will do it I am deeply in love with him. he is my soulmate

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Staff answered 4 years ago

I am going to help you with my best spells and everything I can in my powers to make everything fall apart for them, create up obstacles to ruin every plan they make, every vacation will be badly ruined. Every time you speak to him all you will hear is about how bad their weekend was and How his plans got ruined.

My spell to make him leave her for you is going to make their marriage fall apart. Right now I know they still portray as a happily married couple to all friends and family and doing everything together and being a happy family.

The spell I have in plan is going to destroy that view in everyone’s eyes. Everyone is going to see how bad their marriage is. There will only be bad memories between them. I am going to turn their life into hell on earth my bottom line is I am going to make him leave her for you and make her easily let him go. Let talk more privately here is my private email