How to win my husband back -7 things you can do

How to win my husband back. I want to tell you a story.

You might be wondering how your marriage got to the stage where you are talking divorce. I was once like you. I too did not see it coming. Sometimes, I blamed myself, other times I was so angry that I felt like chopping my husband into pieces. I tried all ways to win him back, short of selling myself, but he was just drifting further away.

When I was about to give up, Papa Miko came to my rescue. He made me realize I had been doing all the wrong things while trying to win my husband back and they ended up backfiring and pushing him further away. He taught me how to go about it the right way, and after less than six months, I managed to fully reunite with my husband.

If you are like me and have struggled to win your husband back with little or no success, stop whatever you are doing, take a deep breath, calm down, and let me help you talk you through this journey. You must do the following:


Give him space

The most important aspect of any relationship is respect. Do you respect your husband enough to let him make his own decisions? Remember, he is an adult and as such, you need to treat him like one. Give him the space he needs to sort out his true feelings. If he asks for time, let him have it. Do not nag him. Do not push him. Do not call him all the time to remind him of his obligations. Do not go begging and pleading to your husband to come back to you. 

If you want your husband to respect you, respect yourself first. Then respect him too and above all, trust him as an adult to sort and figure out things on his own. He will learn to appreciate you afresh and most importantly, to respect you as an individual. However, this does not mean that you sit on the fence when it comes to your relationship. Learn to respect his boundaries the same way you expect him to respect yours

Take responsibility for your actions

It takes two to tango. You cannot divorce yourself from the collapse of your marriage. And it is only by being brutally honest with yourself that you can discover what went wrong and how to fix it. Make time for yourself and your own development. This is the best time to reflect on your character and behavior and see what you can change to make your relationship better. If you have been passive in the marriage, it is time to take an active part. Your husband should know that you are interested in reclaiming your marriage and you are willing to take active steps to make it work.

Stop playing the victim. 

Your husband might have cheated on you and you are rightfully feeling wronged and aggrieved. You are honestly expecting your husband to make apologies and then make amends. However, instead of trying to work on the issue, he proposes divorce. This might be because he is going through a lot of issues himself.

Capitalizing on his guilt will only make him feel like he can never make amends with you, and would prefer to let the marriage end rather than continuing to make you suffer. Go slow on him. Let him not make decisions based solely on guilt but rather on his own feelings.

You need him to stay married to you because he loves you and wants to be with you and not because he feels bad about you. So, stop playing the victim and start being proactive in your relationship. Be understanding and patient and this will give chance for feelings of love and appreciation to grow between the two of you.

Talk it out with him

Reach out to your husband first if he is not reaching out to you. Take the initiative because he might be riddled with guilt and about to give up on your marriage. The only way you can save your marriage at this stage is by communicating well. Talk about what went wrong and how you each reacted to it. Listen to him, and allow him to listen to you. Hear him out. Meet him halfway, because that is what marriage is about anyway.

Above all, forgive each other. Bare everything, however ugly it may be, then let go of all those hurts and be ready to move forward with a clean sheet. You need to detoxify so that you don’t carry baggage into your refreshed marriage. 

This is crucial even if you are to go separate ways because you will need to have that closure. Layout your expectations for each other if you are to make it work. Work on your issues and also lay the groundwork on how you will handle other issues that may crop up from time to time.

Avoid drama!

Stop with the drama already! But seriously, do not post your marriage problems on social media! Don’t go taunting him in public. That is a no-go zone. Do not gossip about your husband or your problems with your friends or colleagues. It’s a really small world, and if it gets back to him, he might not forgive you easily.

Your marriage is for the two of you, others are just accessories. Do not rush to involve third parties in trying to save your marriage since this might make your husband become resentful. First, sound out his opinion and let the decision to seek outside help be a mutual one. Be wary of involving a close family in your problems as you might forgive and forget but they might not and could keep reminding your husband of his mistakes and thus wrecking your marriage. Instead, refer to a neutral third party, preferably a professional counselor, to help you get through your issues with your husband. 

Powers of root work

Sometimes, when you feel you have done the best that you could do, you let go and let rootwork take control. I found that this worked especially well for me. The ultimate decision of whether a person will not only stay with you but love you and care for you does not rest with you but with that person’s conviction.

I will tell you that nothing is impossible with the roots to win my husband back. Roots to win my husband back will help your effort to have a greater impact on him. They will bring him back to you with less effort. Put him back in his place where he belongs and that is your hands. Once you put roots on your husband, you are guaranteed to win him back regardless of any situation.

With the roots to win my husband back, you may not need all the mentioned steps on this page. Powers of the roots are enough to take care of winning your husband back without adding on anything else. So if you have tried it all and nothing works or the results you get are never permanent, then try putting roots to win my husband back on him. You will get permanent results.  

Make yourself happy

Only you are in charge of your own happiness. Do not rely on your husband or a boyfriend to make you happy. Whether single or married, it is your duty to make sure that you are happy.

Do not burden your husband with the job of making you and keeping you happy. Use the time apart to build yourself to someone you would be proud of. Spend time on yourself, engage in activities that lighten your spirit, make friends, enjoy your time out, and show the whole world that you are your own person.

Your husband will be attracted to the new glowing and content you. He will not have to worry that he might fail to make you happy, and it will be a sign that you have finally been able to put your issues behind you and are ready to journey afresh with him.

My final word about How to win my husband back

Along this journey, you might also realize that your husband wants to leave you for someone else. Or another woman is stealing him away from you. Learn to fight back don’t let your family fall apart. Do whatever it takes to claim what is yours and that is your husband. Remember, your happiness is the most important thing. Do not let yourself be pressurized into misery. Rather, work through your issues at your own pace, and only make those decisions that you can be at peace with. 

Good luck on your journey!