7 Signs a married man is attracted to you and wants you

 Signs a married man is attracted to you. A man is a man regardless of whether he is married or not. All men function the same way when they meet women they are attracted too. The attraction is something you can’t run away from. Once it finds you, you cannot help but act on it. Especially since men are naturally born hunters, once they are captured by a woman they like, they automatically go for their prey.

A married man can easily get attracted to another woman despite having a wife. Just because he might find himself drawn to you, it doesn’t mean he wants to leave his wife. The attraction is first lead on by the eye, so a married man will probably be attracted to your external beauty or any other physical attribute that he might fancy.

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Let us carry on with sings a married man is attracted to you. There are ample ways or signs to see if a married man is attracted to you. Below we will be laying down some of the signs in proving that a married man is attracted to you.

  1. He will keep his eyes fixated on you

    Men usually give themselves away. He will make the mistake of starring at you without blinking twice. He will stare at you to the point where you end feeling nervous and uncomfortable in your own skin.

    In some instances you will be in luck of coming across him looking at you, only to have him shy away the moment your eyes lock. Usually, he will stare at you without having anything to say to you. These stares will occur very frequently. It can be anywhere where he has direct visual access to you.

  2. He will ask if you’re in a relationship

    Every man that shows interest in a woman will make sure to ask if there is a significant other in her life. It’s normal to ask such a question because he wants to know if the space is vacant so that he may occupy that space himself.

    In some ways, he will ask just to make sure that he’s not stepping on “other people’s toes”. By asking such a question also is a way of assuring him if it’s safe to act on the feeling of attraction he feels for her.

  3. He will shower you with excessive compliments

    A man, who finds himself attracted to someone, will show themselves by showering you with compliments. It might be the way you smile, talk, or think. There is more than one thing he can be attracted to besides your physical features. He will only see the good in you and always praise you for it.

    There will never be a negative word coming out of his mouth when it comes to you. Most of the time, he will make sure he motivates and encourages you to do your best. Where he sees that your lacking he will always give you a word of advice. Compliments will come in all directions even when you’re not feeling like your best self. He will make sure that he makes you feel attractive.

  4. He will create time especially for you

    When you’re attracted to someone it is only normal to want to spend time with that special somebody. Even though his married he will make sure that he cleans out his schedule to ensure he spends quality time with you. He will want to spend private quality time with you so that he can know you better.

    Making time for you just shows that he wants to take things to the next phase. A married man who is attracted to you will never wish to spend time with you in public. There wouldn’t be thought of wanting to risk his wife seeing or hearing about what he’s doing behind her back. Privacy and secrecy are one of the two things that he will associate his attraction towards you with. During that time he will make it all about you and not him.

  5. He will hide his wedding ring when he’s around you

    Most married men don’t like to display their wedding bands, especially when they find someone they are attracted to. One can say that men are sneaky and manipulative. They hide the ring to increase their chances of getting into or under you.

    Since there are no prospects of marriage and love he will not go further to tell about his intentions of you. He will probably talk less about his family unless you ask him first. Once a married man is attracted to you he will make sure he does not put you in a bad mood. This is achieved because he wants to get what he is attracted to.

  6. He will pay more attention to how you look and dress

    When a man is attracted to you he will pay attention to the way you look and dress. He will give you his evaluation of what he thinks will look good on you. Every time he sees you he will either compliment you or give you pointers on how to enhance your look to his satisfaction.

    Since it’s all about attraction, he will want you to look and wear in a way that will sustain the attraction he feels for you. There will be more effort in making sure you always look good in his eyes. He will thus want to spoil you unexpectedly and buy you lavish gifts just to achieve what he desires most.

  7. His behavior changes when his around you

    When you take an interest or liking in someone you want. The way you would talk to another person is different from the way you would speak to her. Like a man, he will have a calm lower tone. Being nervous is one of the things that are to be noticed because he wants to tread carefully.

    He will be patient with you not wanting to look hasty and overwhelmed by excitement. The exercise of his “gentlemen like a character” will always be on display when it comes to you. He will do his best to put a smile on your face. That will be one of the things you will notice about a married man who is attracted to you.

Conclusion about Signs a married man is attracted to you

The above-mentioned signs will give you a broader scope in knowing whether a married is attracted to you. He might not tell you himself at first but he will demonstrate it to you with his actions and generous gestures.