4 Signs he won’t leave his wife

Signs he won’t leave his wife. At times when a man cheats on his wife with another woman, it does not necessarily mean that he will leave her. Marriage encounters many challenges. Which at times might seem as if it’s going to be the end of the road for them. That is not the case. 

A married man knows his intentions once he has his hands on you. Usually, they seek a stress reliever from the harsh reality of their marriage. He might be encountering grievous challenges with his wife that he feels like he needs a “companion” that understands him and will not “judge” him. 

Side women most the time never see the wrongdoing of the married man they are cheating with. They believe the one-sided story that the married man chooses to tell them instead of getting both sides of the story. 


Lies after lies

A married man will tell you exactly what you want to hear so that you don’t up and leave him. They use you to their advantage to fulfill their own personal gain. Just because he cheats on his wife doesn’t mean he loves you more than her. Any man for that matter will never leave his family which is more of an asset for a side chick who might as well be a liability.

Let’s not forget that it’s the man who kneels down to ask for a woman’s hand in marriage and not the woman. “Even though that is changing these modern days, I don’t know why but it is.” So just by stating that, it should tell you that it’s the man that chooses the one he wants to live and love forever. 

If he has not asked you to be his wife it should signal or alert you that he probably doesn’t want anything serious with you. The sad truth is that the nature of a woman is one that loves and nurtures. Women fall in love very easily and at times they cannot differentiate whether the man their loving is deserving of that love. 

They end up being heartbroken by the married man who’s been deceiving them. It hurts when you realize that you have wasted your time and energy in something that was promised to be fruitful only to find out that it was all a lie. 

Before we go deep into signs he won’t leave his wife let ask you these questions 

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Has he been making promises to leave his wife for you for a long time?

Are tired of waiting for him to leave his wife and be with only you?

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Underneath the above-mentioned statement, we are going to lay down pointers or Signs he won’t leave his wife for you.

He will treat you as a hidden secret

A married man who is cheating will not want to expose himself to his infidelity. He will never give you the same privileges he gives his wife. You will be nothing more than a booty call to him. There will never be a moment to do things that normal couples do.

You’re always going to be his hidden secret. Where you have to meet will always be a hidden place, where you go for lunch or dinner will be a hidden place. In fact, everything that is to be done together as a couple will never be exclusive.

There is going to be ample excuses when you want and need his time. The rule you will always play by is that “you don’t call him he will call you”. The governing and the continuance of the “relationship” will be by his rules and principles. 

You will not have freedom of speech or freedom of movement. Dating a married who is not willing to make you a noblewoman amongst women in all sense will not leave his wife for you. The fact that you’re his hidden secret to his family, friends even colleagues are signs he won’t leave his wife. It’s a full indication that he is not planning to leave his wife for you.

He never talks about the future with you or includes you in his future

When you’re in a serious relationship, even if the man is married he will talk about the future with you or include you in his future. To show that he is not in it with you for the long haul he will not have life-changing discussions with you. The only thing that he will talk to you about is sex. All the phone calls and texts that you will be receiving are the ones where he asks “where you are?” “What you’re doing?” And “I’m coming”. 

There are no warm sweet greetings he just goes straight to the point. All he will care about is you present, for that little brief moment you share together is as far as it goes. Next time make sure you’re aware of the sign which is called lack of transparency. He will not leave his wife for you knowing that “all “transparency is afforded to his wife only.

He breaks your trust and disappoints you

It’s inevitable and it’s meant to happen if not sooner than later. In life, our loved ones disappoint us and break our trust. Which we have accepted that its life and it happens. A married man will always give you empty promises which will be ongoing. The first lie will always be backed up by another lie. Your relationship will always be based on a lie which we all know that a successful relationship must be based on truth.

When you need or want something to be done for you urgently he will not pull through for you but his wife. He will surely pull through for her. In terms of doing something for someone in need, he will always consider his number one priority which is the wife. 

You will never be a priority to him because you’re not his responsibility. A broken heart and spirit are what he will always leave you with. Simply because you’re not the one his heart and mind is fixated on. It’s a great sign that he won’t leave his wife for you.

He will always have vague answers when you ask questions

Since we have established that nothing truthful can come out of being in a relationship with a married man. Another sign to scout out for is that of never getting concrete precise answers from him.

It will be almost close to impossible to get truthful answers from him. Its either he will brush it off or tell you nothing at all if not lie to you. There will be no progress, instead of moving forward you’re bound to move backward.  

His actions will be questionable. So do not be afraid to ask once you find yourself in this kind of predicament. A married man will lie to you just to protect his family especially his wife and children. 

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Conclusion about sings he won’t leave his wife.

His eyes and heart were never for you because you’re not his factual ideal woman. You are more of his fantasy who fulfills his fantasies mainly in the bedroom. There are many other red flags to show you that this man will not leave his wife. It’s up to you to know them and besides, that’s the price you pay for eating another wife’s food.

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