Why he can’t and won’t leave his wife for you

Why he can’t and won’t leave his wife for you. Marriage is a sacred thing shared between husband and wife. A man commits unconditionally to his wife. It’s rare if not ever for a man to leave his wife for another woman.

They might cheat but never would they leave. Men are usually the ones who are scared of commitment. Usually when a man is scared of committing one day he finds a woman to commit too. He truly means it and only wishes to encounter the good times and bad times with his wife.

So, if you’re in love with a married man he can leave his wife for you but again he might not leave her.


Why he can’t and won’t leave his wife for you

Below are the reasons and principles in knowing why he can’t leave his wife for you.

The family he built from ground up

All who are in love and are in relationships they know how hard it is to grow and maintain a family. It becomes more rewarding when you have found someone to spend the rest of your life with.

Marriage is a very sacred thing between two people. A married man in his right senses will not leave his family he built from ground up for something which is foreign to him.

In a union of two, it is bound to encounter challenges and tribulations.  But the commitment promised to each other will always forever stand. That includes raising a family as mother and father married to each other.

 All species of life cheat on their partners but it does mean they don’t love them. Its betrayal and deceit inflicted on the successes of the marriage that is already flourishing.

Men cheat on their wives many times but they never think of leaving their wives for someone else. Their family is the most treasured possessions in his life. With you they are using you for fun and extra benefits which they don’t get at home.

He doesn’t want to go through divorce

Most men fear divorce and they don’t want to go through the gruesome legal channel. Married men would rather have you as the side dish than to lose everything he has toiled for, for many years.

The fear of divorce is triggered by the fear of losing assets and many other possessions that he will have to forfeit. The consequence of having to give up so many things for a momentary fling which might end up not being fruitful is going to be a huge gamble on his part.

At times a husband will attach and invest all his businesses and all his life’s work into his marriage. Nonetheless it’s safe to say he will never want to risk all of that for a “Love fling”.

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Not being able to see his children

A married family man loves and adores his children. He would do everything and anything to assure the well being of his children. There would never be a point in time where he would jeopardise the happiness of his children for someone that he has no responsibility over.

Even a comparison that is higher than the love and affection he feels for his children. A side dish can never prevail over his children. He will never classify another woman as his main woman or make you the main priority.

A noble man will throw away childish things to keep and sustain what means more to him.

His only using you as a “vacation holiday special” away from the responsibility of life

Men need to take a break away from the daily responsibilities of life. Marriage can be a stressful thing to be in. He will use you as his stress reliever.

There can only be one place he will place you and that is in the hotel. You will only receive calls on weekends when his free. There’s only one thing that you’ll be good for and that is to amuse him when things in his marriage are sour.

The only reason why he will not leave his wife is because you are only relevant just to soothe. The life changing things that will shape him and groom him, he will share with his wife hence that is why he will not leave her.

Leaving his wife for you will be a loss rather than a profit. In life he needs to be practical and logical and he gets that from the daily living and sharing of responsibilities from his wife.

As the mistress there are no practical daily responsibilities that are shared. Except that it will concern needs of leisure and pleasure which he doesn’t recommend it to be as significant.

He will never place you in the comfort of his home or anywhere else he refers to as home. You will always remain hidden from every one that means the most to him.

The only thing he needs from you is for you to satisfy him so that he can go back home to his loving wife and children.

The Comfort he receives when his with his wife

Most marriages, people tend to be comfortable with each other. Being comfortable is feeling original and authentic. A married man is already comfortable with his wife he does not have to try hard or be someone his not.

His wife already accepts and embraces him the way he is with his flaws. He will not leave the one that knows him “in and out” for someone that is still trying to learn and tolerate him.

The wife already goes over and beyond to make her husband as comfortable as possible. You as the side dish will not be able to understand what it takes to make him feel his original authentic self.

 It’s impossible to offer those services the wife gives without pretending or trying too hard where else it’s supposed to be effortless.

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Fear of another man taking over his family

As much as married men cheat on their wives they themselves don’t want to see or have another man in their territory. The thought of another man in his home with his wife raising his children is not ideal in his mind.

His pride and ego will not allow him to lose everything. In his mind his thinking that he cannot walk away from his family.

Something he knows belongs to him will not be something he will wish to give up on a silver platter. He will not leave his wife because he himself is jealous of the thought of another man being with wife and children.

He doesn’t love you the way he way he loves his wife

As much as he might tell you he loves you he does not mean it. If he loved you more than his wife he would divorce her and choose to be with you instead.

A married man will say and do whatever he feels like just get in your pants. The depths of love he feels for you can never compare to that of his wife.

He loves his wife much so that he wouldn’t want any other woman to take her place in his heart. The vows he made to his wife stand to be true no matter what the odds.

Conclusion -Why he can’t and won’t leave his wife for you

A married man will never leave his family for his side dish but some do even though it takes a lot of energy. He will forever stand by his family.

There is nothing that a mistress can benefit from him, except that what he can give which is not much. The only possible way is if he is not married because then you might have a fighting chance. Thats Why he can’t and won’t leave his wife for you.