His wife won’t let him go

A wife understands the true meaning of commitment. They will stand and stick by their husbands when the rough gets going. Wives still stand by their husbands for richer or poorer and in sickness and in health. 

They never give up even if the people around them tell them to. They always hold their vows sacred and use them for guidance. A wife will never leave her husband just because he cheated on her. 

When the husband chooses to deviate from the promise he made to his wife still she would not forsake him. A woman will never lose hope in wanting her husband to change for the better when going through a rough patch. 


Why His wife won’t let him go?

The reason why a wife cannot up and leave whenever she can is that she loves her husband. By the end of the day, a wife will not leave her marriage because that’s her life that she has worked so hard to build. 

Below we shall illustrate other reasons as to why she can’t let go.

Her children if they had any in the marriage

Children are the most important element in a marriage. Once they become part of the marriage they become the number one priority. The woman’s feelings take a step back and the children’s feelings are put first. 

The wife will never let go easily of her marriage because she knows the hurt it will bring to her children. At times usually, if they want out they wait until the kids are grown up and out of the house. 

At times it works vice versa because it’s the children that help mend the marriage. A wife can’t let go easily because that is not what she knows marriage to be about.

She can’t let go because she has a family

Secondly, the reason why a wife cannot let go is because of the connection she has with her in-laws. It’s true to say that once you’re married you automatically inherit a new family. 

You might find that the wife has grown deeply fond of the in-laws (mother and father) to call her own. Even though the parents might be the man’s biological parents but the relationship is of them having or inheriting a daughter. 

She will not let go because she is entitled to her family. Whether it happens that they separate but the relationship between the parents and her might still remain the same as it was, joyful.

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She has more to lose than gain

As a married individual, you know what you’re investing in the marriage. It doesn’t necessarily have to do with money per say but it’s also a major factor in the running and success of the marriage. 

When you’re a woman and you have to look at the effort you have put in the marriage just so that it can be a happy comfortable marriage you will find out that it’s a lot. 

Therefore when you think of the energy, time, compromise, and sacrifices made to build and shape the husband. Then she has nothing that can compensate for her to be misled and leave her husband, her home for the mistress.

She will look at how far she has come with her husband and what they have accomplished together. That is the main focal point. 

She will automatically know that leaving is not a part of the plan since there is a lot to lose than to gain in leaving her man.

There fear of being embarrassed and shamed 

The coming to the end of a relationship is more seen as a failure. As a wife, you can’t let go because you don’t want to be seen as a woman who is divorced. 

By the end of the day being a wife is more of social standing in society. Women take pride in their husbands and in their marriages. 

They can’t leave because they also fear losing the title of being the “Mrs”. All women of all ages who are mature to understand, they know that marriage does not come easy. 

So whoever is married will be desperate enough to keep her marriage and husband close. Wives find it more embarrassing to have their men leave them for another but it happens anyway. 

Some women would rather stay with their cheating husbands forever because they refuse to be looked down upon by other women.

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She fears she will lose her privileges 

Married women tend to have privileges afforded to them by their husbands. Some husbands make sure that the woman of the house is taken care of properly. 

This is where the spoiling and pampering come in. It is a well-known secret that a woman loves and adores being spoiled by her man. 

She will definitely “kill” knowing that someone will occupy her space and get all the delicious “toys” that her husband gets for her. 

That is why some women will be willing to put up with the hard times. So that they can still live their own lives where they can still enjoy the benefits of still being “kept” woman.

She wants to remain the main part of his will 

At times woman tends to be calculative. Especially if you know that you’re married in community of property. When the sharing of assets comes to play it becomes excruciatingly difficult to leave. 

This is because you as an individual want to look after your best interests and that of the children. You can’t leave because what belongs to you can belong to another woman if not careful. 

A will is a sensitive thing, this is one of the reasons that men plus women will not up and leave. A will is a paper in black ink that will bind you for life with your husband. 

A wife would rather wait until its death do us part so that she knows that her future and that of her children is secured.


A noble wife can’t leave because that is not her moral compass to up and leave. A wife stays and fights for her marriage and her place as a wife regardless of what.

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