Will he leave his wife for me?

Will he leave his wife for me? Yes, he can but it depends. Men leave their wives for many reasons but the most obvious one is that of another woman. Married men cheat on their wives but not all of them leave their wives for their mistress.

Usually, marriages can be stressful and partners change at all times. Both partners evolve within their marriage hence they say “you can never actually say you know someone completely” because every day you learn something new.

As time passes by the husband and wife will have periods whereby they drift apart. The husband especially is the one who changes drastically. Unlike the wife, she will be the one weathering out the storm ahead. It’s known that mostly the husband will go find relaxation outside his matrimonial home.


Would he leave his wife for me?

Most married men have mistresses and some mistresses end up being wives. She can either be the first wife, having him divorce his initial wife or she can be the second wife if she chooses to.

The main concept is that it is true to say that a man would leave his wife for his mistress. That happens a lot they do leave their wives for the mistress. Below we shall outsource reasons and ways in which he would leave his wife for his mistress.

When he is bored

Married men are the quickest people to fall out of love in their marriages. They will be so hyped up at the beginning of their marriage but soon after that, they lose interest.

It’s the issue of having a daily routine in a marriage. A routine might help maintain consistency and normality within the marriage but it also brings boredom and stagnation.

 Both partners in a marriage get bored with each other and their marriage. The problem comes when it’s time to do or get something to do to keep you busy while you’re in that boredom phase.

With the wife, it’s easy to find a hobby. Its either she will go shopping or enter a book club with the other wife’s just to unwind and refresh. The husband on the other will find himself a mistress to amuse him.

Not forgetting that there are ample other things that they could do in the meanwhile. It only becomes a problem when he ends up wanting to leave his wife for his mistress.

At that time the boredom and the daily routines he encounters with his wife will drive him to a state of insanity making him leave his wife. He will start thinking that his newfound mistress is the new exciting thing in his life he needs to live for.

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Being in a forced marriage

We all know that there are many marriages whereby the husband and wife were chosen for each other. The one that chooses is either both parents but usually, it’s the mother that plays the matchmaker.

You eventually find yourself having to love and marry someone you don’t know or never met. It’s not easy to just fall in love with a woman or man you have never met and expect to be unconditionally happy.

The mistress he finds for himself will end up being his soul mate and not his wife. Thus making getting him to believe that the chosen wife he has is not the one for him. Forced or planned marriages don’t always turn out to be successful. This man will leave his wife to be with his beloved mistress.

The wife does not respect him

Every individual demand respect from his or her counterpart. In a marriage, it’s important to know that a wife needs to give her husband the at-most respect. As also the husband must reciprocate the same respect to his wife.

When a man feels like his wife does not respect him or validates him as the head of the family. It’s enough reason to make him leave his wife. When the married man finds his mistress to be more respectful and humble towards him it’s enough to make him decide to leave his wife for his mistress. He will not stick around to wait for the things to settle down.

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Being an absentee wife

All relationships need the effort and workings of both parties to make the marriage work. If you’re married you already know that even after work there is still work that needs to be done at home.

Marriage, unfortunately, it is a full-time job which needs the wife to be there full time to oversee what is happening within the marriage and how it’s run.

A husband needs “a-hands-on” wife and if she cannot fulfil her duties the mistress will step in and take the job off her hands. All women want their careers to thrive.

Nonetheless, it’s not easy when the husband does not feel like his number priority in his wife’s life. He will go find solace and comfort in the arms of his mistress.

The mistress will cover the patches where the wife didn’t. This will result in having the husband making the tough decision to leave his unavailable, unreliable wife for someone who is available to him.

If the wife cannot bear children

As sensitive and gentle of a topic it is, people tend to tippy-toe around this issue. It’s crucial because men don’t say they leave their wives because they cannot give them children.

Men will leave their barren wives for their fertile mistresses. By the end of the day, the husband needs children to carry out his family name.

If the wife cannot produce children for him as marriage dictates, he will go plant to his mistress thus leaving his wife for his mistress.

The mistress satisfies him and fulfills his fantasy

In every married man’s life, there’s a time and point where he wants it and likes it a certain way in the bedroom. Some men are noble enough not to cheat on their wife’s but prefer to divorce them first before getting a mistress.

Men end up having mistresses because they know what a man needs in the bedroom. They do not complain when it’s time to try new adventurous things.

Especially nowadays husbands have extremely weird sexual fetish positions. Men will leave their non-active wives to be their mistress because they know exactly how to satisfy them.

Conclusion-Will he leave his wife for me?

Yes, he will leave his wife for you. By the end of the day, a person is not glued to another. When one is no longer happy and feels fulfilled within his marriage he or even she will leave.  Having a mistress is just one valid thing that will motivate him to leave his wife.

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