5 main reasons why men leave their wives

why men leave their wives. One of the obvious reasons for leaving a wife is when you’re having an extramarital affair with another woman.

They are many other reasons that bear the same weight when it comes to a man leaving his partner. The same reasons that a man would leave his wife, is the same reasons that can make a wife also leave her husband.

Marriage is the union of two people that love each other and the failure and success of the relationship depends on both of them.

If one chooses to leave another it’s because both of them failed in reconciling their differences. Usually when husbands leave their wives they end in another woman’s arms in a short period of time.

This is because they can’t manage to live alone for too long. Men are complex, in the sense that they can have the perfect wife. A wife that is gentle, smart, polite, hard-working, one who’s hands-on and all family members love her. Nonetheless it amounts to nothing because he still leaves.


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Just below we are going to illustrate different other ways in which men can leave their wives.

Lack of sexual satisfaction

Intimacy is one of the most important fundamental factors that help strengthen and keep the relationship going. Without a well established intimate channel between both parties in a relationship, it is bound to fail.

Sex is not only for the sole function and purpose of reproduction. It also works as a fixer of emotional tension and also for the enjoyment and happiness of both parties. A man who knows himself will tell you that sex is only enjoyable if they find that their partner is enjoying it as much as he does.

A married man will leave his wife because she does want to engage in sex with him. Men want to feel desired by their wives and if they don’t get that at home they will go seek that desire and admiration outside their marriage.

Bad sex or lack of sex can be a destroyer of marriages. If the husband is satisfied in bed he will forever be happy and at ease but if not they get cranky and frustrated to the point where they get to leave their wives.

If he’s made to feel inadequate as a husband

It’s normal for a marriage to encounter challenges. It’s how you deal with those challenges that will determine the success of the marriage.

At times the problem or challenge is directed to the husband either caused by him directly or indirectly. Feeling inadequate triggers bad behavior.

This kind of behavior is driven by a deep fear of feeling like you’re not measuring up to your partner’s expectations. This can lead to the wife being emotionally abusive towards the husband making him leave her.

An emotionally abusive wife will be manipulative towards her husband. She adopts an addiction to being a habitual control freak who can’t allow her husband to breathe.

For a man to feel inadequate the wife will have to tarnish his efforts and character as a lover, provider, protector, father, and husband.

His pride and ego will be bruised to the point where he will eventually learn to hate his wife making him feel forced to leave her.

The feeling of inadequacy goes hand in hand with being underappreciated by your partner. Husbands want their partners to make them feel loved and equally express it in their affections. If not made to feel appreciated and worthy he will leave to find appreciation elsewhere.

Failure to trust-why men leave their wives

Trust is very important in a marriage or any other relationship where there’s a promise to commit. If there’s no trust it makes it difficult for the union to flourish.

Without trust a marriage can come to an end. This is due to the fact that trust is used as a tool to consummate and strengthen the foundation of the marriage.

When trust is no more between the two it eventually draws in insecurities.

This will result in a partner having to account for his or her whereabouts every time they leave the house.

They will end up having to always justify and defend their conduct. These negative attributes make the man see his partner as unattractive and needy.

When the lack of trust is prolonged it has the potential to destroy a healthy marriage resulting in the man leaving his wife.

If the wife compares him to other men or her exes

Husbands want to know and feel like they’re the only ones that matter in their wives ‘ lives. If a wife is always comparing her husband with other people’s husbands or even an ex, it’s enough to damage him.

A man hates being compared to other men as if his not doing enough to please his wife at home. Women tend to suffer from having very high expectations to the point where they end up hurting their husbands.

It is important to give praise to your husband once in a while. This is done for that little effort and strife he puts in, in making the marriage work.

Comparing a man to his “equal” can be enough reason to make him leave his wife. The perfect justification for this result is the lack of not being recognized or made feel validated in the marriage.

When the wife has stopped taking care of herself

Men love a woman who is well-groomed and is always looking presentable even on the worst day. Some women when hitched they tend to forget about themselves. They forget that just because they are married it doesn’t mean the “war is won”. As a woman you still have to fight to keep your man and one of the requirements of that is to look and smell good. It might sound simple but it’s not because there’s a lot to be done when it comes to a woman.

At times the smallest things are taken for granted just because they choose not to see the relevance of it. Nonetheless when a man starts seeing his wife wearing sweat pants, not bathing, not even trying to put any effort into looking presentable for him, he will leave. A husband wants to be with a wife that is willing to be clean, hygienic, and still look sexy for him. Just as the saying goes “if you look good you will do good and if do good you will be the best”.

Conclusion to why men leave their wives

People fall in and out of love with one another, it’s normal but there are many solutions that can be adopted in salvaging the marriage. Men leave their wives but so do woman leave their husbands due to the same reasons mentioned above. All of them are problems that can hinder the success of a marriage but it’s said that where there’s a problem there’s also a solution. It highly depends upon both parties to save their marriage regardless of who is the instigator of the problem.

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