Can I make him leave her? Yes or NO

The answer is in your hands. It can either be a “no” or a “yes”. To make him leave her or fail to make him leave her. The reason for the negative and positive answer is because you cannot make someone do something they are not willing or ready to do. Yet at the same time it’s possible that he might leave her for you if you play your cards right.

The freedom of free-will to be with the person you love still applies. It applies to every man whose been forced to leave his woman for another. There are many women in these days and ages who are engaged with men. Men that are already in relationships with someone else other than their initial partners. The problem comes when number two wants to become number one. Some women get really aggressive and forceful when it comes to that matter.


Just because men cheat on their partners, does not mean they have stopped loving them

They end up feeling like they cannot afford to lose him because they have already fallen deeply in love. In her mind, future goals have already been set out to win her dream husband or boyfriend. The sad truth is that men who are already committed may and may not leave their women whom they have loved and invested so much time and energy on.

Just because men cheat on their partners, does not mean they have stopped loving them or wish to leave them for another woman. It’s up to you as the woman to capture him in a way you know how best. You might find that the man you want feels the same way too and wishes nothing more but to be with you.

A woman cannot dictate to a man to up and leave his woman without him having to think about it thoroughly, but she can make him leave her once she applies heat on the situation. To leave someone you’ve loved as your partner for another will not be a decision that is determined by a woman who wants to see her dreams comes true. Love lives where it dwells and once he realizes that he is unconditionally loved by you and not her he will surely see you as the number one woman in his life.

Spell to make him leave her for me

Anyways forget what the world says. Forget what people say and focus on your happiness. Put yourself and your needs first when it comes to this situation. I am papa Miko and making married men leave their wives is what I do for the leaving. My spell to make him leave his wife for me is all you need if you can’t make him leave her on your own.

With the spell to make him leave her for me the answer is yes you can make him leave her for you. The spell will force him to choose you over that wife who doesn’t deserve him, that woman who mistreats him. It will force him out of that unhappy marriage. So I say Forget what people dictate or say or will say. If you’re happy with him and he is happy with you then do what makes you a happy woman.

So, if you want him to be yours alone, then forget the reasons I have put below. Focus on making him leave her for you. You have your reasons why you want him to be yours alone and I respect them. Let me help you force him to leave her for you. Use my spell to make him leave her for me. Book up your appointment with papa Miko and see him move in with you. follow the link spell to make your boyfriend leave his wife for me to read more about it.

Let’s carry on so Below I am going to illustrate other ways as to why you can and cannot make him leave her.

He is comfortable with his woman

A relationship between two people cannot always be smooth sailing but if you’re committed to your partner, any other obstacles that arise thereof will never make a manpack his bags and leave. Relationships that flourish and prosper are those that have the most challenges. A man will never leave his woman just because of another woman without just cause. If he chooses to leave her it will be because of his own accord and not because he was “made to do it”.

He will leave her for you when he gets to experience a new love life with you something which he has never seen before. Men get enchanted when there is a woman who challenges them in a healthy positive way but yet in a very spontaneous way.

A man will not up and leave because his already comfortable within the relationship. So if you want him to leave her make sure he feels more comfortable and safe around you. I say this because for some it takes time to get to know and understand one another. Breaking a routine and culture of the relationship is not an easy task because there’s so much at stake.
The sad truth is that he will fear to get to know and starting up something totally different and foreign to him.

Men at times fear to risk giving up

Men at times fear to risk giving up something that they have tried, tested, and that works to start something that they are very much not sure of. It’s more like his forced to gamble or take a huge risk in something that is more likely to fail. Leaving him with immense regret and resentment of you. It’s important that as a woman who wants to win him to herself that there’s guaranteed assurance that you will stand by him.

As the other woman it will be challenging to make him leave her because he knows “everything” about her and she knows “everything” about him. When it comes to you he can assume that the future can be vague even if things are going good between the two of you but he rather prefers to keep his “asset” rather than incur a “liability”.

Comfort gives a person peace of mind and ease within the relationship. It refreshes one’s mind to think without being stressed or under pressure by anyone including those that love you. All a man needs is a woman that he can trust wholeheartedly without caution. He can leave his woman knowing that he can rely on you at any given moment. You can change all thin you know you can easily make him leave her for you. That can quickly happen with my spell to make him leave her for me.

He loves his woman enough not to hurt her or leave her for another

They say that love is kind and some say love is blind, which is true because both concepts are very true. On this note I’d best elaborate the fact that love is blind. You can never know how deep you have fallen for someone. Up until you realize one day that it’s been right in front of you the whole time. Just like women, men also fall in love and fall out of love. It takes a real man to know that it requires hard work and homework every day to make the relationship work.
A real man will never leave his “responsibilities”. But he can be faced with a life-changing situation that will require him to make life-changing decisions.

The time spent and what he has invested in the relationship amounts to the love he has for his woman. It’s also known that it’s possible to encounter with contradiction where his feelings for the other woman fade. He may leave her for you but might fear to leave her because he loves and respects her more than you can ever imagine.

It’s possible for him to leave her. Especially if he has already made sacrifices and compromises in a short period of time for you. Like I said you come first your happiness comes first. If he is afraid to leave her for you then make him with my spell to make him leave her for me.

He has invested more than just feelings in the relationship

Many couples in this day and age share a lot of things. It can be the sharing of children, bank account, and businesses. Or anything that is of high value than the love itself. He will not leave her when he knows that he has more to lose than gain. So you have to ensure that there’s something of a higher value that you put on the table that can persuade him to leave her. At times you’ll find out that he does wish to leave her and be with you. Y

et because there are so many things at stake he would rather stay with her and keep his assets just to maintain peace and not be at a loss. Men at times will give up true happiness just to be financially alright and maintain a balance within their relationship.

Yes it will be heartbreaking for him. But he will soldier on and be strong enough to let you go and stay with her. Since it doesn’t seem like there’s any backing down as his other woman, you will need to find something that can place a “permanent bond”. A bond that will not allow him to choose her over you. That is my spell to make him leave her for me.

He probably sold you false dreams just to get what he wanted and he never was taking you seriously

It’s no secret that men and women cheat and lie to each other just so that they can get what they want. A man will sell you false dreams just so he can achieve his aim of you. A woman can give you false hopes of a better future. The problem lies when you fall in love only to find out they have someone that their serious with.

Now it’s up to you. As a woman to know and understand that you asking or making him leave her will be close to “impossible” but doable. He will not leave his woman knowing that he had no future dreams or plans for the both of you. It’s up to you as the woman to make sure that those future goals are instilled in your daily conversations.

In life women should understand that a man already knows his plans for you once he chases after you. He might not say those plans on the first day but he will eventually disclose his intentions for you. For some women they only get to see it by mistake that the man they love and want to have a future with is taking them for a ride.

Be the kind of woman that does things differently from the way she does. That way you can blow him away with your creativity. In everything that you do together make sure that you leave a mark that will always stay with him. You must be the only thing that is running through his mind. Then maybe you will succeed in making him leave her. But again may spell to make him leave her for me will make him leave her for you.

A conclusion – can you make him leave her?

Firstly a man will never allow himself to be instructed. Or have a woman dictate what he should do concerning his relationship. It’s a given that it’s rare for a man to leave his partner whom he has been in love with for a while. Thus it’s also so possible that he can leave her for you. But the chances are fifty-fifty. Besides that he can make you his second woman.

To him you can be a flight risk to him and his future. If the man loves you deeply he will put his happiness first. He will be with you without having to think of his partner. This should apply to you too. If you see he is delaying to leave her for you, then take matters in your hands. Use my spell to make him leave her for you. Contact Papa Miko for this spell.

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