How to steal a man away from his girlfriend

How to steal a man away from his girlfriend. This is not a ‘how-to-steal-boyfriends’ manual. Rather it’s a guide on how you can get the man you love to leave his girlfriend and be with you. It’s not right to steal a man just for fun or to prove to someone or even to yourself, that you can actually get him. 

You’ll ruin a lot many lives that way and you don’t want all that bad karma hanging over your head. 

That said, if you really love this guy to the point that you cannot picture yourself with anyone else, or you keep wondering how you ever lived without him, then it really true love that you can only enjoy when the two of you get together.


How to make him choose me over his girlfriend

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Forget about the part where this man has a girlfriend. That is just a tiny detail, and it is him with the girlfriend, not you, so do not worry yourself about her anymore. 

Rather, concentrate on making your relationship with this guy bigger and better. Focus on building yourself both as an individual and as a couple. With time, you’ll be able to steal this man away from his girlfriend easily.

Spend time with him

You need to know your man very well if you are really going to steal him and the best way to do that is by spending lots and lots of time with him. Remember that time spent together is never wasted.

Try to spend as much time with this man as possible. Book his weekends and all his free time after work for activities that the two of you enjoy. They say time flies when you are having fun, so make sure that you are both having fun and he will not even take stock of the time you are spending with him.

The more time you spend together, the easier it is to appreciate each other, and the faster your relationship can grow. When you monopolize his time, you don’t leave him time to pursue other relationships, including the one with his girlfriend. This means it will die a natural death due to lack of care while yours will be thriving.

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Work on your communication

Open up all channels of communication with your man. Try to be as honest with him as possible and encourage him to do the same with you. Let there be trust and openness between the two of you. That way, you can share your plans with him, and he the same. Make sure to include him in all your plans and always try to make him envision a future with you. 

Do not just fill your time with serious talk only. Remember to joke often and to tease him a lot. Create an atmosphere where he feels happy and free whenever he is with you. This will make sure that he is always longing for you even when you are apart. Text him or call him often so that he keeps thinking about you.

Dress to impress (Dress to kill)

How you package yourself matters a lot. Try to dress smartly and fashionably. You are already beautiful so try to keep your outlook as simple and as natural as possible. For men, dressing up is not about labels or fashion designs, but about looking classy and attractive. You may want to look sexy and at the same time, retain a sense of decency. A smart lady should know how to strike the balance. However, your dressing should also mirror his way of life and personality. Dress according to his status in society and try to gauge his preferences such that he will be proud to be seen with you in public. If he starts taking you out in public and showing you off, then you know you are on your way to becoming his girlfriend. 

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Be confident

There is nothing as attractive as a woman who is confident in her skin. Whatever your looks, be proud of who you are because you bare so beautiful that he became attracted to you despite already being in a relationship. Stop fishing for compliments all the time and do not display your insecurities whenever you are with him. 

Seriously, do not compare yourself to his girlfriend. Do not compare his love for her to yours, try to imitate her style or refer to her for beauty tips. He is not looking for a carbon copy of her, and moreover, you don’t know exactly what he dislikes about her, so you might end up copying just that. 

Test his love for you

He tells you that you are the best thing that has ever happened to him and that he can’t live without you. He also tells you that he cannot wait to be with you as your boyfriend. However, he continuously tells you to be patient until he can break up with his girlfriend. Your patience should also have a limit. You need to be sure that he really means what he is saying and he is not just taking you for a ride. You have to set down your demands for your relationship and one of them should be how much time he needs to take before he can make you the official girlfriend. Set timelines for him and make sure he follows them, or else, your relationship will not progress.

Stay mysterious

Practically everyone loves surprises and you need to keep surprising your man so that you can retain his interest. Keep your friends and try to live a life independent from him so that you can cultivate your own personality that is not mirrored on him. They say opposites attract, so do not try to be like him too much. Let him discover a new and fresh version of you all the time. Have a variety of friends, including male friends, so that he does not become too comfortable with your status. However, remember to keep your friendships as just that, friends. If he suspects that you are cheating on him, then your relationship will be over even before it begins. 

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Make him your hero

Men like feeling needed and not just wanted. Show him that there are things that you cannot do on your own and that you need him to do for you. Play the ‘damsel in distress’ very well and he will feel like the dashing hero coming to save you. Because he sees you as weak and defenceless, he will always defend you even against his girlfriend. As your prince charming and hero, it will be easier for him to break up with his girlfriend than with you because he is afraid that you may shatter if he leaves you while the girlfriend seems stronger and more capable.

Bottom line-How to steal a man away from his girlfriend

That said, I believe in the whole concept of stealing a man away from the other woman if you deeply love him. The fact is that both of you are consenting adults with the freedom to choose who to be with. If he chooses to be with you and disregards any other person, good for you! It doesn’t matter that you had to work extra hard for that to happen. That is just your little secret!

Thank you for reading. How to steal a man away from his girlfriend. Good luck with that.

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