How to tell if a married man is using you

How to tell if a married man is using you. If you’re hanging out with a married man, that’s already cause for concern. Chances are high that however perfect a man he is, he is not going to be you’re happily-ever-after. 

He already has a wife who might not even be aware that their marriage is anything less than perfect. Therefore he has little use for you except to satisfy him sexually.

Many married men enter into affairs just because they are bored. They are looking for adventure or he is just going through a phase. However, he will not tell you the truth about his motivations. 


How to know if a married man is using you

He might tell you that he loves you very much and that he is going to leave his wife and marry you instead. Before you can be taken for a ride and then dumped unceremoniously by this man, you have to be vigilant. 

Look out for these signs to know whether or not this married man you are having an affair really loves you or he is just using you for a booty call: How to tell if a married man is using you

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He only talks about sex

If a married man is using you, just know that he will only be interested in talking sex with you. He won’t make any effort to get to know you on a personal level. 

His conversations will always be sexual in nature even when you are hanging out with him. He will send you flirty texts and will call you to ‘talk dirty’, but he will not check on you when you are down or facing a challenge. 

He will ignore real matters that deal with your life. 

Always brush off any conversation that goes deep into emotions. Again he will not be willing to know your interests and will not share his, only preferring to tell you about his preferences in bed. 

Even though he says he is unhappy with his marriage, he will not want to talk about his problems in detail. Always he will only give you sweeping statements. 

Even when you try to talk about the future of the relationship, he will avoid it. Preferring to deal with the present rather than the future that he keeps saying is uncertain.

 Of course, the future will stay uncertain because he is planning to dump you as soon as you stop being fun. Mostly when you become too complicated for his married status, will leave you.

He does not make your affair public 

This guy knows that he is just cheating on his wife and absolutely has no plans of being with you in the future. Due to that, he will struggle not to be seen with you in public in any compromising situation. 

He will never introduce you as his girlfriend and will avoid taking you out as much as possible. He will prefer to order takeaways at your place as opposed to taking you for dates or for dinners. 

If he takes you out, it will be to private places like movies where not many people will get to see you. He might even take you for secluded weekends away. But he will shy away from casually hanging out with you on a street or a busy area.

Also, you will notice that the only thing you seem to do with him is to have sex and nothing much else. Even when it seems like he has taken you out, it always ends up with the both of you making out. 

He will be random in his appearances and will be upset if you meet and ‘nothing happens’. His agenda for coming onto you is plainly to have sex with you and nothing else. 

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He avoids hanging out with your friends

This man does not want to get close to you beyond what he does physically. He will not want to meet your family members or even get to know your friends. 

Then avoid hanging out with your friends and will not make any effort to try to know them or even befriend them. He will not be interested in knowing who you spend time with or what you do with them. 

His only interest will be in being with you alone, and not hanging out in a group or with close friends. He will also avoid introducing you to his good friends. If you coincidentally know them, he will try to prevent you from interacting with them. 

He will pretend to be unreasonably jealous when in actual fact he just doesn’t want you to mix with his circles.

He’s always checking you out

A married man who is just using you will be obsessed with your looks and always wants you to dress provocatively and look sexy to him. He will always want to check out your body and will use every opportunity to get physical with you. 

Even when hanging out casually at your place, he will make suggestions for clothes he wants you to ‘wear for him’. He wants you to dress up with whatever triggers him and will not pay attention to what you are comfortable with. 

He will make suggestions about your hair, your jewellery and even your underwear. This means he is only interested in you for sex and does not care about your comfort.

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You are not even 1% his priority

It is easy to know whether or not you are a priority in a man’s life. If he is not treating you as his number one priority, you need to run for the hills as fast as you can. The married man is just using you and will only hurt you. 

Does he pick your calls whenever you call him or does he respond to your messages fast? If he is always giving you excuses about his phone, then you need to think twice. 

It could be that even when he is hanging out with you and an issue crops up, he will treat it as more important than spending time with you. He will not make any future plans with you.

Expect him always call you at the last minute when maybe his other programs have failed to fall through. He assumes that you will always be available for him regardless of what. Only to be upset if you have other plans that don’t include him.

Bottom line-How to tell if a married man is using you

Sometimes we think we have seen it all. That we will not be duped or conned into entering a relationship that is not just one-sided but that is also a sham from the very beginning.

However, when it comes to love, even the most experienced can end up falling for a phoney. You need to be on your guard to make sure that you are not taken for a ride. 

Most especially if you are dating a married man. Keep your options wide open because you never know when you are going to need them.

Thank you for reading. How to tell if a married man is using you. Please leave a commit below if you have any.

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