Signs that he loves the other woman

Signs that he loves the other woman. You are in a committed relationship with your man, but lately, you are starting to suspect that he may be having an affair with another woman behind your back. 

He keeps on avoiding having eye contact with you and more than once, you have caught him lying to you. You are scared of finding out the truth but you are even more worried that he is not just cheating on you but that he may actually be in love with the woman he is cheating with. 


signs of a married man in love with another woman

Before you press the panic button on your relationship, use your intelligence and snoop out the truth, because obviously, the truth will set you free. You have to pay close attention to his words and his actions to be able to discern the truth about his affair.

He behaves defensively

A guilty conscience will not allow him to prosper, ho! If your man has fallen in love with someone else, he will feel guilty towards you. Even when you are acting innocently, he will act irritated or a bit aggressive towards you. 

He will always be jumpy and whenever you ask him a question, even an innocent one, he will get very defensive and angry because to him, they might seem like accusations. 

On one side, he might know that he is treating you unfairly while on the other hand, he might resent you for being the reason he cannot be with his new true love freely. 

He will act secretively and will not want to answer any of your questions because he knows that it is easy to betray himself especially to someone who knows him very well. 

As a result, he will hide his shame behind anger to discourage you from snooping too much or even asking him many questions. If your man is snapping at you for even small things, don’t just think he is having the equivalent of the male menses.

Chances are high that he is cheating on you with someone else and that this relationship has already advanced to the stage of being in love with each other. 

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His friends start to treat you differently

If a man falls in love with someone, the first people to know usually are his friends. These friends of his will be comfortable with you and you might find it easy to hang out with them after you have been in a relationship with your guy for some time. 

This means that they are the best markers that can let you know whether this guy has fallen in love with another woman or not. If you see his friends acting awkward and uneasy around you yet they were previously behaving freely, it is a sign that your man is not just cheating on you but that he has already introduced that person to his friends as the one he loves. 

His friends might start feeling guilty about it when they are around you. If they were close to you in the first place, their loyalty will be torn between you and him. 

However, if his friends did not like you from the beginning, they will start treating you rudely and ignoring you. This means that they already know that their friend has already moved away from you emotionally and is now with someone else. 

He changes his sense of fashion

A man in love will suddenly become self-conscious. He will start paying more attention to his wardrobe and his accessories. If your guy has been very comfortable and laid back in his dressing but all of a sudden he checks himself like a million times in the mirror, that’s a red flag that he is trying to impress someone else. 

A man in love will always try to impress the object of his desires. Your man will change his dressing to suit the fancies of the other woman. He might start dressing casually all of a sudden when he used to dress formally. Or he might start to suit up more often than he used to. 

This means that he is trying to change himself to suit the image he wants to portray to the other woman. Pay attention to any constant changes in his wardrobe or even in his cologne or his hairstyle. 

Especially if it is something not compatible with his general character. Or with your preferences of him as this might signal that he now has another woman in his sights and he really wants to make a good impression with her.

He is secretive with his phone

In a relationship, it’s quite normal to use your partner’s phone to type or check out something. However, if your man freaks out when you touch his phone, you need to check further. 

He might start demanding for his privacy when in actual fact he is just being secretive. He will start to panic when he sees you touching his phone. Even when it has a password or he might flat out refuse you to get close to it.  

Also, he might spend a lot of time on phone texting, especially at night, and when he receives a call, he might excuse himself and answer it far from you where you cannot even eavesdrop. 

If your man is acting generally secretive especially on phone, then know that he is up to something. Of course, he might just be planning to surprise you for your birthday, but if this behaviour persists for more than two weeks then you know he is definitely cheating on you, and that he has started valuing the other person more than you.

The intimacy has faded

A man who is in love with the other woman will start to feel guilty every time he has to be intimate with you. He will feel like he is actually cheating on the person he loves. 

This means that the sex will no longer be as fulfilling as it once was. He will keep giving you excuses of why he might not want to be intimate with you, even when you initiate it. 

You might find that he is not thrilled to be with you and only treats it as a tiresome chore that he has to do. If your man all of a sudden finds it awkward to touch you and is no longer hungry to be with you, just know that someone else is satisfying him and that his heart is no longer with you but with the other person.

Your man might also start to be unavailable to you not just physically but also emotionally. He will act impatient with you and he will not spend as much time with you as he used to

 It will be hard for him to comfort you the way he used to. He will have different excuses for why he is not behaving the way he used to around you. But if you see these changes in his behaviour, you just need to know that he loves someone else.

When a married man falls in love with another woman

If the love between you and this guy has faded away because of the other woman, I would say fight back. Fight for your man, fight for your marriage or relationship. 

Don’t get replaced by that other woman. The best way obviously would be to confront this man and demand to know the truth. However, if he is lying to you, you can always rely on the signs mentioned above. 

Bottom line- Signs that he loves the other woman

Look for any other changes in his behaviour to help you make a decision that you are comfortable with. Like I said earlier, the truth will always set you free, so do your best to find out the truth! Signs that he loves the other woman

Thank you for reading. Signs that he loves the other woman please leave a comment if you have any and you will be replied back.

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