How to get a man to leave his wife for you

Get a man to leave his wife for you. Dating a married man is never easy and it hurts most of the time because he is not your alone. You may have tried or you’re too scared to ask him or to talk to him about leaving her. That is not a problem you are going to get all the ammunition you need to get a man to leave his wife for you. They are all here in this article.

Under here I have put down these simple ways you can use to get a man to leave his wife for you. 


Put in all your focus and energy to get him to leave his wife for you

As the other woman, you could play the role of an influencer. Whereby you whisper exactly the things he would like to hear. Say anything that will give him that extra boost in leaving her and coming to stay with you. You must aspire to become the kind of woman who will influence him to make a change in his life. 

He will leave his wife for you because you are the woman he has always wanted, loved, and needed. The qualities you possess as a woman will woo him over because they resemble the qualities his mother has. There will not be a need to bad mouth the wife but there will be a need to outshine her in your performances.

All you have to do is to concentrate on your side of affairs with him. Source out exactly what drove him away from the “loving arms” of his wife. If possible just so the process is fast, be sure to ask him yourself what his needs and wants are. It’s obvious that the man has needs and wants that the wife is not willing to satisfy. Capitalize on making both of you happy so that when he goes back home to his wife he can realize the significance of not having you in his life.

Tell him you want to start seeing other people since he has a wife

Dating a married man does not mean you’re a fully kept woman. By the end of the day, he goes home to his wife and you remain alone with no one to stay home with. The next time you see him the conversation to have is that he must give you “time out” so that you can start seeing other people. This conversation will make him aware that in reality, he has no control and autonomy over you.

If truly he wants to leave his wife he will be eager to do so faster because he will hate knowing that some other man has his hands on you. As a man, he will thrive to pull up his socks and work harder to make you his own. At times all he might need is a little scare or fright so that he can understand that he will lose you if he doesn’t act fast. By telling him what’s at stake, will result in making him want to speed up the process of leaving his wife for you.

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Do not become his marriage therapist 

People seek out for help in therapists when they are encountering problems they struggle to solve themselves. Do not allow him to put you in his mess of a marriage. Once he starts telling you his marital problems it’s the time when you’ll find yourself helping him mend his marriage. He might end up not leaving her because you’ll end up wanting to tread carefully around the “sensitivity” of their marriage. 

Don’t give out your helping hand or shoulder to cry on. Allow him to be a man and handle the situation the way he would be responsible and accountable for. Let him handle the affairs of his marriage and not put you in it because it will lead to disaster. He will leave his wife knowing that it was fully his choice and not made by you or having some prior consultation with you. The main point is for him to feel dignified in his decision making of leaving her and wanting to be with you.

Put spells on him 

Time waits for no one you have waited long enough for him to leave her for you. Its time you take action, it’s time to go ordinary and get what you have always wanted. Get a man to leave his wife for you, put my spells on him and you won’t have to wait anymore. My spells overwrite all the other guides I have put down in this article. Spells alone are enough for you to get a man to leave his wife for you without adding anything else. They will really save you a lot of time and in no time make him yours alone.

Do not become envious of his wife

One of the roots of all evil is jealousy. The bible did not say that just to pass time, He was cautioning his children because he knows the grave dangers of what envy and jealousy can do to a person. The more you don’t show animosity against the wife the more he will want to be with you. He will be more captured because you’re more focused on what is important to you both.

Every man looks for a woman who has a warm caring heart because the heart that knows how to breed jealousy is a dangerous one. Surely envy will not encourage him to leave his wife. In fact, the envy you’ll have will make him want to protect her even more than settle with you. So you should extenuate only good quality traits that will motivate him to leave his wife for you.

As the mistress, you must treat yourself as the main prize

The main prize is you in his life. Even if his status states that his married it doesn’t mean you must be the one fighting to win him as your “prize”. You are still a woman and you must act like one. The manly characteristics of him being the hunter still apply. By the end of the day, he must fight and toil to win you as his woman. 

A man appreciates and loves a woman he has worked so hard to get. Be the prize he has been wishing to obtain for himself. He must have the thought at the back of his mind that he will lose out in a lot if he does not win you. Make him feel that your one of a kind and the qualities you possess are that of “can’t get” anywhere else. Such a phobia of losing you will make him double the effort in working faster in being with you.

Caution him from thinking you’re just his sperm dish

Usually, married men have mistresses because they want an element of their sexual desires fulfilled. They never take the side chick seriously because usually in terms of class the wife obtains the most stars. So to be taken seriously by this man you need to show him that you can stand on your own without him. He must be the one feeling the need to have you in his life. Be an independent woman with goals and future aspirations, he will be more attracted to your ambition and zeal to keep on reinventing yourself. Men love a woman who is a work in progress. A woman with a drive is the woman men will fight to have. Be sure to make him realizes your true worth including the value you have as a woman.


A man will love you when he sees that you love yourself. A man found to be in a committed relationship will know who is well suited for him even if he is married. Marriage has never promised to be a happy forever affair with the partner your with. It’s the willingness to work at it that sustains a marriage or relationship. 

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