How to get a married man to fall madly in love with you

As “taboo” as it may sound, married men are just like any other men. They also fall in love with other women. It’s very easy to fall in love but it’s difficult to stay in love. To get a married man to fall madly in love with you is to turn his dreams and fantasies into reality. Cater to the privileges that he no longer gets in his marriage or those that his wife simply cannot give him.
Below will be some illustrations as to how to get a married man to fall madly in love with you. They can help you to make him yours alone.


Be an adventurous woman

Men like to play and have fun. Adventure kills boredom and ensures that there’s laughter in the relationship. The more you take out your adventurous side, the more he will want to be around you and probably do more interesting activities together. Being adventurous will make you think of other spontaneous things to do together. The more you keep your married man happy with laughter and adventure he will madly fall head over heels with you. All men want the thrill of excitement in their lives. So be the extrovert outdoor woman he has been longing to have. That’s how to get a married man to fall madly in love with you.

Be the affectionate woman who gives him undivided attention

Another way of how to get a married man to fall madly in love with you is to give him all you attention. Married men at times become sidelined by their wife’s in their matrimonial home. This usually arises when it’s time to build a family. The wife’s focus and priority shifts from her husband to the running of the family and her career. There is less time invested in spending time with the husband.
The husband ends up feeling neglected and left out. You must give him your undivided attention and affection. Just like a child who need constant attention, it also applies to married men. Married men will not spell it out for you in words ‘that he needs you’ but they will react badly to the neglect. To get him to fall madly in love with you do not forget to give and show affection so that he may be made to feel special.

Show him that you’re a woman of substance and virtue

When going after a married man you need to show him that you’re a “one of a kind type of woman”. Find a gap or the missing element in his marriage. In this manner you need to outline to him in your demonstrations that the wife he has at home is not of high essence and does not have any desirable qualities that he would love in a woman. For the fact that what you’ll be offering him the wife at home will not be able to compete with. Most men fall madly in love with a woman whom they can wine and dine with but also a woman whom they can relax with. Be that woman by becoming his best friend in that way it’s easier for him to see you as the woman of substancial and virtue.

Be a dedicated confident woman in everything that concerns him

Confidence is something that comes from within. No one can teach you confidence. You have to be comfortable in your own skin. A married man only falls madly in love with a woman, who is driven and passionate about her own personal projects. Your dedication should be shown through your empathy and your sensitive side towards him. Be the good listener his been longing for. Being reliable and that shoulder he needs to cry will emotionally tie him closer to you.

Have a great personality

Having a great persona includes a woman who listens when a person talks and responds with understanding. A woman with a great character is seen or found to be attractive and interesting in the eyes of a married man. Do not place judgment on him but be the kind of woman that reprimands and cautions him when his at fault. When talking to him talk using a soft tone without having to raise tour voice at him. Show him respect men love to be given respect since they love the spirit of wining. Wining to a man gives him the ego boost he needs to feel confident about himself again.

Make him feel needed but do not be needy

Men don’t fall madly in love with someone that is over bearing, needy and clingy. Give him the space he needs to get time to miss you. Allow him the liberty to be able to call you, “telling you that he misses you”. Make him feel important in your life. It will make him feel needed and wanted making him fall madly in love with you. Ask him for help so that you make him feel like he has purpose in your life.

Compliment him

Men love being complimented on their appearance. The efforts they make to make sure that you’re happy are things that need complimenting. By honouring him it gives him validation that his efforts and hard work were not in vain. As vain as us women are, we who love fishing out for compliments even if it’s unnecessary but we still love it even now anyways. So to make him fall madly in love with you, it’s important to make your man blush. The bonus is that he will smile more and love you madly.

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How ever, how to get a married man to fall madly in love with you is not an easy task. The one agreeable thing is that everyone has different needs and wants in a relationship. As a woman you need to focus exactly on what your married man needs and wants in a woman. Therefore the overall key to your solution is to just be try all the above and surely he shall fall madly in love with you.