How can I get my married boyfriend to be emotionally and physically available for me?

How can I get my married boyfriend to be emotionally and physically available for me? Every woman needs to feel loved and protected by the one they love and you are no exception. Even though your boyfriend is married, there are basics that are expected from every relationship.

In your case, you are really not asking for much, are you? I am with you on this. All you need is that your boyfriend should be both emotionally and physically available for you. Short of that, it makes no sense of being in a relationship with him at all.

For starters, you have to ask yourself how your relationship has progressed this far without your basic needs being met. What are you getting from him? Promises, and more promises?


Take Your Time

Right now, your boyfriend might seem like the greatest person that has ever walked on the earth. You feel like you can’t wait to give him all of yourself. However, it will do you better to take things slowly, especially in the physical department.

Honestly, you are looking for something more than just the sex, you cannot let your sexual urges control all of your actions. At one time, you have to go slow on the sex and initiate more talking. I mean really talking, not just talking dirty. You need to get to know him better and also give him a chance to know you better.

Does he know what you expect from him? He might be thinking you are just having fun with him, with no serious expectations. Set the record straight. Let him know what you need from him early on and he will either commit himself to do it or bluff his way around it.

Eventually, when you decide to continue your relationship with this man, it will be because you have been convinced that his feelings for you are genuine. You will be sure that he is not just bored with his married life or looking for sexual variety in his life.

If a man really likes you, he will wait for you until you can sort out your feelings and he will not pressure you into sex. A man who is not serious about you will of course leave you as soon as he realizes you are not going to sleep with him immediately, and this should be a relief for you, right?

It will hurt less if the man dumps you earlier than stringing you on when in reality he does not really care about you, and behind your back, he is boasting to his friends about his conquest.

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Check your compatibility

You need to know if there is real chemistry between the two of you first. And it should not just be about the butterflies in the stomach and heart beating fast when you see him. Of course, that too is necessary. You should be comfortable hugging him all the time, staring into his eyes, and generally being touchy with him.

But that should not be all there should be more in your relationship. Your chemistry should be used as an indicator of whether or not you are compatible. How can you tell? You are going to have to ask yourself a few questions to determine this.

  • Is he fun to hang out with even when you are not touching or feeling each other?
  • Do you feel comfortable around him when you are in your periods?
  • How does he behave when you fall sick? Does he check on you, and is he there for you until you get better?
  • Do you get time to genuinely talk, or all your talk revolves around sex?
  • Do you feel like you can confide in him and he’ll keep your secrets safe?
  • Are you sharing the same values and principles or does his lifestyle repulse you?

The answers to the questions above should let you know whether you are really compatible with the man or not. If you are wondering why you need to check all this when all you want is the man’s love and affection, here’s the deal. These signs will show you whether you have a chance at a long term and fulfilling relationship with this man or whether the chemistry, along with the affair, will burn and die out in no time.

Learn to be vulnerable

For a man to care about you, he needs to feel like you really need him and that there are things you cannot do without him. As a way of flattering him and boosting his ego, you have to let him take charge of the small things in your life. This does not mean that you turn into a helpless damsel in distress. It means you cut down on your independence streak and lean on his shoulders for a time. If a man knows that you need him, he will be there for you even before you ask him. He will anticipate your needs and will deal with them automatically.

You will also need to ask him for his opinion on most of the big decisions that you need to take. That way, not only will he feel useful and needed, he will also know that you are considering having a future with him, and he will learn to treasure you, and hopefully prioritize you.

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Keep your options open by meeting other people

One thing you need to be clear about is that your married boyfriend will never be available for you physically or emotionally as much as you want them to be. Along the way, you will learn to compromise because it is clear that his family also needs him to be available for them as long as he is still married. To keep from going crazy and from dying of boredom the best thing is to keep your options open. Go out on dates and meet newer and exciting people. Have a life outside this relationship, and keep your friends close. You will need their support if things do not go well for you in the relationship.

Keeping your options open will teach this man to treasure you more because he knows that if he treats you badly, you can easily leave him and get someone else.

All in all, you have to remember that the man you agreed to have a relationship with is married. His priority will always be his family. Since it doesn’t look like separating from his wife is in the cards, you have to accept to be a second priority as for now.

Bottom line-How can I get my married boyfriend to be emotionally and physically available for me?

However; you have to also think about the future. Are you planning on being his mistress forever? Do you feel like the love he is giving you is enough? Don’t you have any hope of getting married to him? Remember, if you need this man to separate from his wife and stay with you, the approach you will take will be quite different from what I have detailed above.

Let me hope you got something out of this article How can I get my married boyfriend to be emotionally and physically available for me?

Good Luck!

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