Benefits of dating a married man

Dating a married man. is one of the hardest decisions a woman have to make. Unfortunately, most women jump into the relationship thinking the man will leave his wife immediately. Then maybe move in with her, and eventually marry her. 

Sadly, that is a sequence that rarely happens. The reality that you need to keep at the back of your mind is that you are dating a married man who will stay married for the length of your relationship. Unless if you force him to leave her for you if that’s what you want then follow this link. How to get him to leave his wife for me.

It is up to you to choose whether you want to stay with him, even with no expectation of him divorcing his wife. Or whether you’ll hang in there until a better option presents its self, at which point you will run as fast as you can. 


Dating a married man

Of course, many women choose to date married men. Just because there is something else they are getting out of the relationship apart from the commitment. 

It all depends on what you want from a relationship and if this man is willing to provide that.  

While dating a married man is not all roses, there are many benefits that a mistress gets to enjoy and after I outline them for you, you can consider whether this is the life for you. 

The Romance

There’s something that has always puzzled me, but married men are incredibly romantic. Among all the men you have dated, you will find that the married one are the most romantic, and the most memorable of the lot. 

They usually know exactly what to do and what to say to get you in the mood. I don’t know whether it’s because they have had a lot of practice, or it is because they are used to pleasing women. Either way, you can be assured that the married man knows their way around very well. 

That means one less thing to worry about, and for many women, this is usually the deal-breaker. If the man can please you very well, what else are you looking for? 

Of course, as I said earlier, it depends on what you want from the relationship. If it is sexual gratification, the married man will do it for you. If it is a ring or commitment you are after, sorry, you are in the wrong lane. Unless if you turn things around with How to get my married boyfriend to leave his wife for me.

The beauty of this kind of romance is that you do not have to put up with any disgusting toilet habits or pretend to like his funny mannerisms. Those are reserved for his wife. You get the deluxe treatment where he has to behave like Mr Perfect with you at all times. 

Sadly, this means that you also have to show your perfect side because he has a wife for the sloppy behaviour while he has you for the allure and the mystery. It’s more like being on a stage where you know what is expected from you, and what to expect from the other person.

 If you are game for that kind of life, then good for you because you will know how to get what you want out of without being weighed down by unreasonable expectations.

The excitement

There is also the element of the forbidden, which sparks excitement for many men, and some women. It’s like sneaking out knowing that you can be found out anytime, and that is what makes it so coveted. 

Most men who take on mistresses are bored with routine, with daily life. Life with such a man will be exciting. He will try to live it up as much as he can; trying to cram as much fun in the little time he has before he is found out. 

This is more like living on the edge and many people really want to experience that, at least once in their lives. If you are craving excitement, you will have found it with this guy. 

He will take you to exotic places and you will do things you never thought are possible. All you have to do is to prepare well for the landing because you can’t stay in the sky forever. 

If you enter into this relationship be well aware of how short it can be, then you won’t be devastated when it comes crashing down. You can fell in love with him where you won’t want to share him anymore. Papa Miko kana can help you make him leave his wife for you. Follow the link below to know-how. Make her easily leave him for me 

The money and gifts

Then there’s the issue of money. Every woman would like, at least once in a lifetime to be pampered and taken care of by someone else. You are no exception. Imagine having everything you want is given to you without having to work for it? Many will argue that mistresses work hard for whatever is lavished upon them, but so do the wives, and they don’t get to enjoy the same benefits! 

The biggest advantage of being a mistress is the money and the gifts that he will shower you with. Most men who take on mistresses can afford to do so. He will have to buy her expensive gifts and give her all the money she wants.

He knows that without them, this woman can easily walk away from him. To keep her, he will go to the ends of the earth to make her happy. Of course, the mistresses will be expected in turn to keep this man sexually and emotionally happy.

 It’s an exchange of goods and services, not unlike a business transaction where both parties are satisfied. If you want to be a mistress, enjoy the money, but remember that you also have obligations to fulfill.


It’s called living it up, having your cake and eating it too. On one side, you have your life and can go out on dates and spend time with your friends without someone asking you why you are out too late. On the other side, you have someone to scratch the itch and be there for you when you need them. 

It’s the kind of freedom that many people only dream of. This is the reason many women prefer to be mistresses. They can continue to live their lives the way they want without being tied down by a family or by society. 

You will not have social obligations to perform or nagging in-laws to please, and all the time you spend with the man is for only the two of you. 

However, note that this is for only those women who are independent-minded and not those who only pretend to be so. You can only cherish this lifestyle if you do not mind being alone on important holidays or spending most nights alone. 

Does the wife mistreat him or his marriage is no more and he only finds happiness you in you. Where you want him to fully be happy with you by leaving his wife for you? The answer to your problem is here: How to make him chose me over her   just follow that link.

Be comfortable

You have to be comfortable with your own company because most times, you will be alone. A married man has obligations to his family and he will be sneaking out to meet you. Most time he will lie about his movements to make time for you. You have to make it work or find something to keep you occupied.

Of course, depending on who your man is, there are many more benefits you can get from dating a married man. These can be things like social connections, career boosts, and so much more. 

Bottom line-Benefits of dating a married man 

The important thing is that you have to enter the relationship with eyes wide open, not expecting impossibilities. Leave your dreams at the door and move with the reality that the man you are dating is married. It will most likely stay so for a long time. 

When your role in his life is over, it is better to exit the stage gracefully than demand for what was never yours in the first place; his heart.

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