signs a married man is falling in love with you

signs a married man is falling in love with you. Take a walk through this article to know where you stand with him. Do you think he is falling for you? its time for you to find out that

signs a married man is falling in love with you. A person would assume that once you’re married and plan to spend the rest of your life with your partner it’s done and sealed. Love is the one thing that draws you to a person you wish to spend the rest of your life with. It’s normal to fall in love, fall out of love with your life partner. This goes to show that a married man can also find himself falling in love with someone new at some point in time. 

Before we dive deep in this signs a married man is falling in love with you topic let me ask you this

  • Are you in love with a married man and you want him to leave his wife for you?
  • Have you waited enough for him to leave her for you that you cannot wait anymore?
  • Does it hurt so much seeing him leaving you and go back to his wife?
  • Do you love him so much that cannot wait any longer to make him yours alone?

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Let’s carry on with signs a married man is falling in love with you 

Men get “easily” swept away sometimes. This happens at the moment when he no longer finds himself happy and in love with his wife. Falling in love is not rocket science. That would mean “it’s not that difficult to understand”. It’s said to strike quick and very fast. By the time you know it, the husband that was known to be the faithful man is madly enchanted by another woman. Usually, husbands fall in love with women that resemble their wives or someone different from what he has in the house. Married men usually fall for younger women than their wives. He will want to fall in love with someone to experience new adventures with. 

Married men fall in love easily. Once his enchanted, that’s where things get messy and complicated for everyone involved. So just to make sure that you’re well aware of the signs. Below are some tips in knowing if a married man is falling in love with you. 

He will ask for any medium or channel of communication to get to you.

Most married men who show interest in another woman will start by asking for their number or any medium of communication. Immediately after getting your number, he will call you. He will not send a text or leave a voicemail message unless he cannot reach you. A married man will call you on a daily basis just to check up on you or even request to see you. He will make sure he checks upon you in the morning when he wakes up, during lunch and in the night before he goes to sleep. Your admirer will be calling you non-stop. To the point where you will even miss him when he doesn’t call or texts. It is a trick for you to get comfortable with him calling every day. Thus making you want him to show such kind of care and attention regularly.

He will be more emotionally open to you

You will see him sharing his personal issues with you. He will treat you more like his confidant and best friend. Validation and support will be one of the things he offers you. This will result in him being more emotionally connected and comfortable around you. Let’s not forget that when a man feels helpless in the comfort of his own home, he tends to find help and comfort outside. He will fall in love with you when he feels you give and show him love and affection his been longing for. By this, he will demonstrate by always wanting to be around you. Also, he will want to know more about your personal life and interests. There are also more dates that you’ll go too with him.

His behavior changes when his around you

When you’re together you will notice that his demeanor changes. That also goes to say that even his tone changes when he’s on the phone. This behavior does not only stretch to verbal change but also includes his body language. He will be more assertive and protective of you. Every time he sees you with another man or talking to another man, he will be consumed with jealousy and envy.

That emotion will always make him feel uneasy. He will go through deep lengths of asking you “who is that?” and what does he want?” His life becomes more invested in your life. If you’re going out he will be interested in knowing, “where you’re going?” and “who you’re going out with?” You will end up having to notify him about your movements and surroundings. Once he is in love with you he will not want you to move away from his “sight”.

He will ask you a lot of questions about yourself

Married men are known to be possessive and protective when they have fallen in love. His actions of love will drive him to be eager to find out more about you. He is going to be more inquisitive about your life and family. Thus resulting in him wanting to be more accountable and open with you. This will make you feel and want to do the same when it comes to him. There will be moments of spoiling you with gifts and incentives you will never even have to ask for them. Also, he will go over and beyond to help you with anything that concerns you. The signs of him falling for you will make him want to take time off his busy schedule to spend quality time with you.

He will always compliment you and only have good things to say to you

He will compliment you on everything you do, your looks, and how you carry yourself. There will not be any negative thing he sees about you. Also, he will smile a lot when he’s around you. There will be a strong need and desire from him to make you laugh. Every day he will want to please you just to put a smile on your face. When you’re together he will always look into your eyes accompanied by a warm smile. Honestly, he will not be embarrassed to show you off to his friends and family.

He will be considerate when it comes to your feelings

He is falling in love with you when he takes his time to hear and understand what you are telling him. There will be nourishing and pampering coming from him just for you. He will be patient and gentle when it comes to your feelings. In everything you do and everything you want he will provide for you, no question asked. Lastly, he will never complain when it comes to whatever you wish for. He allows it to happen because he always wants to see you happy and content.

My Final word

I have given you most of the signs a married man is falling in love with you. If you need him to officially make you his wife by leaving her for you, this is where you get. Chief Miko and the spell to make him leave his wife for you is all you need to achieve your dream. 

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